NoMasterCard November 29, 2007


Look no further for the perfect present to get that atheist you know and love this holiday season: a godless giftcard!


All you need is this image, this website, an amount of money to put on the card, and $5.95 to make it happen.

Johnny Crow is hoping that this does not violate the site’s terms and conditions:

… the only problem I can see is “Texts or images that display the views, opinions or beliefs of political groups or religions.” However, taking this literally atheism is neither a political or religious opinion or belief, rather it is a lack of belief. So TECHNICALLY we are covered. Also it may be considered a violation of the first or copyright infringement, unless we get permission to use a photo or one that has fair use.

All I see is the letter A… no problem whatsoever. (Right…?)

Now, start buying me presents!

(via Human Psyche of J.D. Crow)

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  • Richard Wade

    However, taking this literally atheism is neither a political or religious opinion or belief, rather it is a lack of belief. So TECHNICALLY we are covered.

    Hmm. The lawyer in me is bubbling up. (he resides in my evil side) Atheism is a lack of religion but it also could be said to be an opinion about religion and therefore a “religious opinion,” so there might be a viable objection.

    However until if and when that happens, go for it. It’ll be one of the few times anybody gives atheists any credit. 🙂

  • Hmmm, I generally tend to be very open about my [lack of] beliefs but this… I’m really not in the mood of having a religious discussion every time I pay at the cash register.

  • stogoe

    Didn’t I hear that the OUT Campaign was relaxing their copyright(trademark?) so lots of people could use it and get it spread all around?

  • Mercredi

    Eh, I think that’s a bad argument. One could easily argue that atheism is a religious position – specifically, the belief in the nonexistence of gods. (After all, we cannot prove the nonexistence of YWH, Zeus, and the Invisible Pink Unicorn.)

    Whether atheism is defined as a lack of belief or a belief of a lack is something I don’t expect all self-identified atheists to agree on, but it does mean it’s IMO a tad disingenuous to argue on a technicality like that.

    That said, I don’t think the A card is necessarily in violation of the site’s T&C in spirit, unless the site creators intend to prohibit people from putting symbols of religions on the card. (Looking at the premade cards they display, I’m not sure. The Easter and Christmas cards have only the more secular symbols of those holidays, but the Hannuka cards have menorahs.) I’m reading the intent as “we don’t want the can of worms that is deciding which religious/political beliefs and messages are acceptable.”

    Displaying the A on a blog or wearing it on a T-shirt is pretty much akin to wearing a cross or Star of David – they’re all ways to signal “I belong to this group.” So the safest thing to do would be to ask if a symbol of religious or political membership is permitted.

  • I think the text is badly written, but that the intention behind it would actually forbid our red A.

    I agree with the other commenters that atheism (well, explicit atheism) is actually a religious view/opinion (although not a belief), since it is a view about religion.

    However, as I read it, this is not technically what the text forbids. What’s forbidden are the views/opinions/beliefs of political or religious groups. We are not a political or religious group, although there are political groups out there that advocate our views.

    However, this is badly written, and probably not what they attended, because it is too loose. This would include any opinion held by a political or religious group, even those that are incidental. For example, modern catholics believe that the Earth is round. Does that mean that a picture of a round Earth is forbidden? Obviously not.

  • DJ

    You shouldn’t have a problem…

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