Can We Stop and Ask for Directions? November 27, 2007

Can We Stop and Ask for Directions?

We’re going the wrong way.

Scientific Advancement

(via Chow Main)

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  • Neither is my uncle 😉

  • Yes,

    America is due for another wake-up call. The USSR launching Sputnik back in the 50’s triggered a nice little science explosion here in the USA. Now, though, America is back asleep… preoccupied with consumerism, religiosity, and a celebrity culture. Most scientists here are imported from other countries. The home-grown culture is definitely anti-science. I don’t know what it will be, but somehow America needs to re-capture that sense of discovery. And I don’t mean that “close your mind to the world and open it to God” type of discovery.

  • grazatt

    That cartoon is too true to be funny, now I am evem more depressed!

  • stogoe

    Maybe China will land on the moon, and take a wizz on the US Flag we left there 40 years ago (and then never looked back). That might jumpstart our interest in space and science again.

    Oh, wait. China will just leverage all our debt and cripple us financially if we try to do that. Fuck.

  • Stephen

    Helloooooo people. If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? I swear, those scientists don’t have a lick of common sense if they can’t figure that out.

  • Kate

    Stephen, PLEASE tell me you’re being sarcastic. If not, I will need to take a hammer and smash my forehead with it.

  • Stephen, PLEASE tell me you’re being sarcastic. If not, I will need to take a hammer and smash my forehead with it.

    I’ve got a hammer if you want to borrow it Kate…. 😉

  • Loren Petrich

    The continuing rise of the Euro as an international currency. US dollars have long been a favorite international currency because of the strength of the US economy. But now it has competition in the Euro, and if such major financial players as the Saudis start favoring Euros, that could be a major blow to the dollar.

    And if that happens along with the development of major new therapies and technologies abroad, then it may be especially humiliating to Americans to have to pay much more than Europeans to get them.

    I know some people who have experienced this “funny money factor”, as it might be called. Someone I knew once visited the two halves of Berlin in the mid-1980’s, and he recalls that the official exchange rate for deutschemarks was 1 East German one for 1 West German one. But the unofficial rate was something like 20 East German ones for 1 West German one.

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