They Couldn’t Get Three More Parking Spaces for My Amusement? November 26, 2007

They Couldn’t Get Three More Parking Spaces for My Amusement?

The Creation Museum is “evolving” and getting 663 new parking spaces as part of a $500,000 upgrade.

The museum will add 663 parking spaces, outdoor canopies and a maintenance building and will move its main entrance as part of a $500,000 upgrade, according to a report in The Kentucky Enquirer.

They’re not adding anything science-related, of course… there’s no room for any of that heresy in the building.

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  • Mriana

    Nah! They’re too afraid of the number 666. Wonder how they would feel about 888? 😆 Of course, they have no idea what 888 means in Dematria anymore than they do 666, so who knows.

  • Karen

    Geez, they’ve only been open a few months and they’re already “upgrading”? More parking spaces must mean they are exceeding demand. Bleh.

  • grazatt

    Where is all this money coming from?

  • Mriana

    Probably from begging, borrowing, and stealing.

  • DA360

    I can’t stand living 5 miles or so from this monstrosity, and now their trying to expand this building of lies? I just hate the fact they call it a “museum” when vast majority of it isn’t even true, even what is true is heavily bent. I just hope their not expanding their Atheist, Scientist and Abortion bashing and hatred room as well…

    Also, yes, I live in Northern Kentucky (right next to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport), and it is NOT surprising they built this here, this is an EXTREMELY religious bigoted area, and theirs like 8 churches in every town, vast majority of the people wear crosses on their necks, I’ve seen more “Jesus Fishes” than I can count, you hear about religion constantly on the radio or news, etc. I’ve also received many hatred remarks (even from my own family), even threats of violence just for saying “I am an Atheist”…


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