The Creation Museum of Presidential Libraries November 25, 2007

The Creation Museum of Presidential Libraries

It’s a side comment, but it makes so much sense…

Keith Olbermann, talking about Karl Rove and the George W. Bush Presidential Library:

OLBERMANN: Yes, I understand that. You know, one of the other you‘s in there is Karl Rove that story about him possibly being in charge of the presidential library, the creation museum of presidential libraries then. What does this tell us about the relationship of the truth to now not the administration of George W. Bush but the legacy of George W. Bush?

(via Evolution Blog)

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  • K

    That’s a hard quote to read. On many levels.

  • Mriana

    Yes it is. It doesn’t make sense. 😕

  • Richard Wade

    Olbermann’s thoughts are complex. Short excerpts taken out of context won’t make much sense. He was talking with Eugene Washington of the Washington Post about former Presidential Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s book apparently revealing lies and general raping of truth in the Bush Administration. Mr. Washington used the hypothetical “you” to describe how difficult it is to be the press secretary for the biggest liar in U.S. history. So Olbermann’s “one of the other you’s” refers to other administration black belt liars like Karl Rove. The rest of the statement characterizes the Bush presidential library and Bush’s post presidential legacy in general as being just as dedicated to lies and reconstructed history as is the Creation Museum.

    Read the whole transcript. Olbermann’s mind is like a razor.

  • Darryl

    Olbermann makes many good statements, but his syntax is probably unnecessarily difficult to parse for a listening audience. He uses too many circumlocutions.

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