Check This List Before You Go Shopping! November 20, 2007

Check This List Before You Go Shopping!

You wouldn’t want to go to a place that is anti-Christmas, would you?

Liberty Counsel has put out their “Naughty & Nice List” (PDF) for 2007. The list tells you which stores are openly celebrating Christmas (nice) and which are more inclusive of all holiday traditions (naughty, naughty, evil heathens).

For example…

Bloomingdale’s is naughty:

Web site: “Gifted 2007,” one “Christmas” ornament, one Christmas makeup kit, no celebration of Christmas made evident, no Christmas e-card or gift card, but there is a Hanukkah e-card.


Linens ‘N Things is nice:

Web site: “Christmas Shop.”

(That’s all it took?)

Sears? Naughty.

Online: December 25 is the “holiday”.

(How dare they refer to a holiday as such!)

Circuit City, on the other hand, is naughty because the “only mention of Christmas is in the shipping fine print.”

And don’t even think about shopping online at Lane Bryant:

Typing “Christmas” in the search engine brings up nothing.

As Americans United for Separation of Church and State’s Rob Boston writes:

Read the list and marvel that some people obviously have too much time on their hands. Then, do what mostly everybody else who celebrates the Winter Holidays plans to do this year: Shop at the stores with the best prices.

I have this sudden urge to shop at Ace Hardware and Hollister

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  • Tom Slowikowski

    I was at Best Buy the other day and saw a “Happy Kwanzaa” sign. I laughed out loud really hard =)

  • Since I despise the way crass commercialism has taken over the celebration of the birth of the same Jesus who said “life does not consist in the abundance of possessions” I think I’ll boycott instead the stores on their “nice” list that are appropriating a far more meaningful holiday and using it as nothing more than a marketing schtick.

    Or maybe I’ll focus on something far more meaningful altogether than who uses the word “Christmas” to sell their crap, and boycott all those companies that are using slave or sweatshop labor to make it in the first place (which is nearly all of them).

  • monkeymind

    Tom, what was funny about the happy Kwanzaa sign? Is it that Kwanzaa is intrinsically funny, or it was funny to see it in Best Buy?

  • Stephen

    Yeah, how dare those stores not pretend that Christianity is the only religion on the planet?

  • Jen

    But Lane Bryant is a clothing store. What kind of Christmas-themed clothing should they be selling? And really, can we do away with the terrible, horrible tradition of ugly Christmas sweaters?

  • Graeme

    The holidays always have been and will remain Winter Solstice. Even the putting up of trees, like the pagan’s do, is strictly prohibited in the Bible.

  • stogoe

    monkeymind, I imagine that the laughter is at the thought of fundy heads exploding upon seeing a Happy Kwanzaa sign.

  • monkeymind

    The Shopacolypse is coming!!! Repent and be saved!

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