Because You Don’t Have Enough Spam… November 19, 2007

Because You Don’t Have Enough Spam…

Order your prayer toolbar here!

Prayer Toolbar™ is a new way to use technology to connect with people and to keep them connected with you. It’s a web browser add-on that displays messages that you publish.

Anytime one of your members with Prayer Toolbar™ goes online, they will see your messages embedded discreetly within their web browser, 24/7 regardless of the web site they are viewing.

The most amusing part is the sample image on the website:


That’s a bit unsettling, don’t you think?

This lady’s already been in the accident. Wouldn’t prayer have been more useful 24 hours earlier…?

Anyway, it seems rather unnecessary (even after you consider the ineffectiveness of intercessory prayer).

There’s already a way to immediately let your friends and close acquaintances find out what’s going on in your life: It’s called Facebook… or Away Messages on AIM… or blogs… or text messages. Or 9382432 other things.

(via Slog)

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  • Note on intercessory prayer: it not only doesn’t work, but it can be argued to be anti-Christian (“thy will be done”).

    URGENT: Pray for the people who pray for things so they will get a clue.

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