Upcoming Events for Non-Religious November 17, 2007

Upcoming Events for Non-Religious

A calendar of selected major events (such as conferences and holidays) for non-religious people has been started by Jason Torpy, president of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers.

Feel free to send him any omissions.

As this gets filled out a bit more, with details, it’ll be a useful tool in keeping track of the goings-on of the non-religious world.

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  • nowoo

    The Amaz!ng Meeting from January 2007 is listed as 2008. I don’t see a contact address to send corrections. Any suggestions?

  • There is a mini Amaz!ng Meeting in January 2008 as well as another (real) one in the summer.

    If you do have any corrections, though, Jason’s email address is on the calendar page!

  • Stephen

    He left out the War on Christmas. I’m already stocked up on “Happy Holidays” signs.

  • Someone needs to convert this into an iCal calendar file, then it can be added to Google Calendar or iCal on OS X

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