The Great American God-Out is Here! November 14, 2007

The Great American God-Out is Here!

Thursday is the celebration of the first Great American God-Out!

So if you’re a religious person, feel free to try on those Godless glasses for a little while and see the world as us atheists do.

There’s an article about the event and organizer Lydia Hartunian in The Des Moines Register written by Megan Hawkins:

Mike Ireland, a Kirkwood [College] student who leads the college’s Secular Student Alliance, said he respects Hartunian’s approach to what can be a hot-button issues.

“It’s really great that what Lydia’s doing is trying to have some fun with it,” he said. “Rather than putting on a debate or something like that, she’s going to have a party.

Tonight’s New York City fund-raiser features a live Web feed, two guest lecturers [Michael Shermer and Margaret Downey], and entertainment that includes an Arizona college student who raps about atheism [Greydon Square] and a man called the “singing Darwinian scholar.” Tickets are $76. The Web site says a “limited number” of tickets were still available Wednesday.

Smaller events are planned in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

“Our basic focus here is not to try and create an organization to tear down the church or its position in our society, but to create an organization where nontheistic people can socialize and get together and be constructive,” Ireland said.

Good luck to Lydia and all those who made this happen on their inaugural event!

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  • stogoe

    It’s an okay article. But it falls into the all-too-common journamalism trap of ‘he said, she said’ with the two paragraphs of unrefuted crazy by Steve Sheffler. Typical of Gannett, and typical of Christianity. They can’t even let one eensy article go by without cramming in their ‘help, help, our majority is being repressed!’ tap dance

  • Karen

    Atheism hits the heartland! I like it. 🙂

  • Mriana

    Atheism hit Missouri? Darn. 🙁 It is the state above us. No such luck for me. 🙁 Help me! I’ve fallen in the Bible Belt and I can’t get up because the Fundies are holding me down.

  • Stogoe

    at least they’re not kicking you repeatedly in the gut.

    …they aren’t, are they?

  • Mriana

    Well, no and let’s hope they don’t.

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