John Edward/James van Praagh Bingo November 12, 2007

John Edward/James van Praagh Bingo

After bringing us the ID/Creationist Bingo card, Skeptico has a new game for us all to play:


John Edward/James van Praagh Bingo!

Every time one of the psychics makes a comment on the card, cross it off the list.

The post explains all the squares if they’re not obvious.

This may not be much of a game, though:

Usually the game is to get a straight line marked out. With these two bozos I think it should be possible to get the whole card marked off.

My guess: The first Bingo will be called within five minutes of hearing one of them speak.

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  • Sounds like the next big thing for VFW members who’re want to watch TV =and= play bingo.

    I’ve seen something similar with ‘family constellation’ therapy groups. While I’m all for any technique that gets one to look at old patterns in a new light, any system with pat problems and pat answers gets me gruffy.

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