See Me Speak in Chicago! November 8, 2007

See Me Speak in Chicago!

I’ll be giving a talk at the University of Illinois at Chicago next Wednesday evening for the campus group Rationalists and Freethinkers (RAFT).

The details:

Date: Wednesday, November 14th
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Ft. Dearborn Room B (Student Center East – Third Floor, upstairs from the inner circle)

There’s also free pizza!

And if you haven’t done it already, go sign RAFT’s Resist Dogma page, where atheists come out with their real names.

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  • Robert Bowland

    It’s funny, real funny, that anyone dumb enough to start a religion out of atheism would actually belief it’s a religion. I can suggest a good psychologist for these idiots. If you take free thinking and establish it in a way that limits that thinking, you have done the ultimate (no no). That is you have stop the free thinking process, thus this is not atheism and by the way atheism is a system and that does the same thing. The word atheism is a misnomer especially when it is attach to atheists. True atheists just do not believe in superstition, systems like organised practices such a marriage, and most of all a supreme being. Though some religions like Zen Buddhism don’t recognise a god at all, but are systematic and limited. True atheists don’t limit their thinking to any of this B.S.. I believe honestly that if atheists are involved in such religious practice, they are more likely agnostic and are unwilling to give up such childishness. Either/Or. Are you atheistic or religious? Which do you choose to be?

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