He Scored Her November 6, 2007

He Scored Her

I must visit this church.

They give you something much more valuable than eternal life:

A hot wife.

Also: What the $*#& is this guy wearing?

(via ChurchRater)

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  • A hot wife if you go to their church??? Well, at least it’s something tangible.

  • I guess sex sells.

  • justin

    That is so degrading. I feel like emailing them to say so.

  • Well! Maybe if I apply, that will be an official church endorsement not only for homosexuality in general, but gay marriage to boot!

    Ooh the possibilities.

  • I like this ad more.

  • That’s a nice cleavage-displaying cut you have on your blouse, m’aam.

  • Jason

    Like William said, “Sex Sells”. That’s insane!

  • Erm, what just happened? Can I have my minute and a half back please?

  • You will NEVER hear me say this unless something calls for extreme measures: I have six letters for this ad (Just trying to honest…)

    OMG and WTF

    (I’m waiting for the lightening to strike.) :+

    Could it be just something (maybe a joke) to get people in the door? I like to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. They may possibly have a good message once you get there… maybe…?

    C’mon you guys! Do you actually waste your time seeking out absurd Christianity? Can’t we focus more on the worthy Christians? Then again, there are none. None of us are “worthy.” We just are.

  • Hey, at least he concluded his pitch by saying “Peace in the Middle East” instead of “death to the infidels”.

    It is nice to hear “peace” associated with a church these-a-days. 🙂

    As far as the wife: well,…if church is where you go to pick up a potential wife, I want to go to Fred Thompson’s church.

    Of course, no “hot” woman wants to get stuck with me… 🙂

  • Ollie,

    Sure they do! Don’t underestimate yourself. The real women go for the brains, you know…

  • Mriana

    He didn’t say anything. At least nothing meaningful. How is he going to sell a church like that? Something tells me his church is nothing but another BS mega Church that just wants attention and the most people.

  • Mriana

    Linda said,

    November 7, 2007 at 7:57 am


    Sure they do! Don’t underestimate yourself. The real women go for the brains, you know…

    As long as your brains are in your skull and I’m not robbing the cradle, I’ll date you. 😆

  • cautious

    Some say money matters but my brother says big brains matter most?

    And on topic with the video, um, was this actually recorded in this decade?

  • Oh my! I never realized that Leisure Suit Larry finally “got lucky” and had a kid.
    He’s got more hair, but he has the same obsession and dresses like a 2000’s version of that sleazy Lounge Lizard.

  • To answer Jules Windfield’s question in Pulp Ficton:

    “Does he look like a bitch?”

    “Yes, yes he does.”

  • To “cautious” – does it make me a big nerd that I know what that is in reference to? (of course, at my school it was taught in a more sexist manner). 🙂

  • cautious

    Lily, it might make you a big nerd for recognizing that, but I think I’m the bigger nerd for mentioning it…

  • Me thinketh he hath bosoms

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