Jesus Versus Dinosaur November 2, 2007

Jesus Versus Dinosaur

I don’t really get it… but it features Jesus and a dinosaur.

So it must be good:


The comic is by Jeffrey Rowland at

(Thanks to Tom for the link!)

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  • I’m thinking the answer is “no, Jesus can’t whup a t-rex, but it doesn’t matter ‘cos he comes back in 3 days”. 🙂

  • grazatt

    Then sends the T-Rex to Hell! Jesus is so mean!

  • I wonder how many votes for atheists this is going to get you. Puerile. And the drawing isn’t very good either.

  • This comic makes me vote for atheists! So there!

  • Duncan, who? Name them. So there! I notice you didn’t defend the lousy drawing.

  • Barack Obama and Hillary, olvlzl! I know they’re atheists, because Rudy Giulani said they wanted to invite Osama Bin Laden to their inauguration. Seriously, where did you get the line about getting votes for atheists anyway? The purpose of a comic strip isn’t to get votes. I found this one entertaining, and it pandered to my biases, which is unusual.

    I like the drawing style, which is hardly “lousy.” Comic strip artists don’t have to be Rembrandt — witness Schulz, Trudeau, and many others. This guy is about on their level, and quite adequate for what he’s doing.

  • “Lousy drawing”? Did you just dismiss over half the webcomic genre? For shame.

  • For shame indeed. I love the style on this, it’s cutesy and depicts motion well. You really ought to think before making broad, negative statements that apparently aren’t supported by any actual knowledge of art.

    For example, I’d bet you Bill Gates’ fortune you can’t come up with one actual valid, specific criticism against this comic that doesn’t also apply to comics in general.

    But I’m not starting yet another webcomic art flame war, certainly not here.

    Thanks for the laugh Hemant! =)

  • Katie Molnar, it’s lousy drawing. Zippy The Pinhead is art, this isn’t even soup. It’s the can.

    Miller, you know I have no shame.

  • My comment was a bit tongue in cheek… I basically implied over half of webcomics have lousy drawing.

    But more seriously, one of my favorite webcomics is made of stick figures, and the other has the exact same picture every day. Also, isn’t it silly to try to convince anyone that, yes, they in fact do like this webcomic despite their protests to the contrary?

  • olvizi: “Puerile.”

    Yeah, but it’s puerile in a fun way, if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s the kind of thing that comes across as either stupid and funny or just stupid, depending on your sense of humor. Obviously, I think it’s stupid and funny, but as with humor in general, YMMV.

  • grazatt

    It is some of the greatest art I have ever seen

    but then I don’t get out much

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