Pastafarian Awareness Day October 31, 2007

Pastafarian Awareness Day

Don’t you get really annoyed when people preach at you about their faith on campus?

One group managed to avoid the pitfalls of campus proselytization and received a lot of positive feedback from the people who came their way.


(Pictured above, L-R: Reese Allen, Jesus, Xianhang Zhang)

It was Pastafarian Awareness Day today at the University of Washington in Seattle!

The Secular Student Union was promoting their upcoming meeting, where they will be discussing the topic, “Is religion more plausible than the Flying Spaghetti Monster?” (If you’re in Seattle, go stop by!)

Watch how people react to their campus outreach. They come up to the Pastafarians. They take the brochures. Some even have conversations. No arguments. Nice:

There’s more where that video came from.

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  • I totally stopped and talked to a couple pastafarians at UW today, out by the hub lawn. they were pretty kewl. I love their correlation of pirates and global warming. and the whole “intelligent falling” theory is terrific as well.

    Hemant–have you seen the study out of University of Minnesota last year, published in a peer reviewed journal, about atheists being the most distrusted minority in America? really fascinating, well researched stuff.

    And by the way, did you see that chuck colson breakpoint publicly corrected their misquotation of dawkins? I thougth that was pretty kewl acutally.

  • Socrates

    No one can top this kind of FSM proselytizer, courtesy of CapnOAwesome.

  • What’s wrong with arguments? The only trouble I can see is that people don’t do arguments well. But the boys are cute. Come to my arms, O Pastafarians, show me some Spaghetti Monster Love….

  • I’m a new convert to the faith and I find this to be the one and true. Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!

    May god’s gift of reason and noodly appendages guide us. Ramen!

  • Clarissa

    you can’t be serious with all of this mombo jumbo…there is no way you can prove pasta and meatballs created this world..that just sounds like a load of garbage…anyone who believes in this crap must be the most gullable people on the planet…how would u even prove pasta created humans???? that just doesnt even make sense!!!!!!

  • how would u even prove pasta created humans???? that just doesnt even make sense!!!!!!

    You lack faith.

  • Phoenix

    how would u even prove pasta created humans???? that just doesnt even make sense!!!!!!

    How can you prove that pasta didn’t create us?

  • 1st mate kurou

    thats the joke,miss clarissa.

    it pretty much means that you have the same proof that god created humans as the almighty flying spaghetti monster.
    may you be touched by his noodly apandage. RAmen.

  • this is kind of sick. I cn prove that we were not created by a spaghetti monster. Because when I eat pasta it dosent come alive and start creatng worlds.I mean people have their rights to teach there kids and themselves how ever they want but it dosent make sense to me

  • Pastafarian

    Once my father told me: “I only created a teaspoon of your brother. All the rest of him was pasta, tomato sauce, and some cow”.

    That day, I started to believe.

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