WWFSMD? October 21, 2007

I want to be friends with whomever owns this plate:


(via Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster)

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  • Don Pope

    Ooooh! I want one!

    I wonder if this one is taken in my state.

  • Richard Wade

    Oh yeah WWFSMD, the World Wrestling Federation Smackdown Mania Deathmatch. I didn’t know you liked that stuff Hemant. (Psst. It’s not real you know.)
    Unless you meant the World Wildlife Fund Special Memorial Donation. That’s very commendable of you.

    Or did you mean the World Wide File System Mainframe Database?

    West Wausau Fruit Sellers Mercantile Department?

    Wanton Women Finding Sado-Masochistic Dates?

    When Will Fundies Stop Manipulating Dummies?

    Washington Weighs Federal Socialized Medicine Details?

    Wicked Weasles Flaunt Suntans Men Desire?

    “W” Wants Fear Supporting Military Deployment?

    We Wish For Safe Medical Drugs?

    Why Won’t Females Su…

  • Andrew

    Lol. I have this on my car:


    I love seeing eyes bug out when I explain what it means…

  • A whole bunch of my friends recently gave me money for my birthday to buy custom plates, and WWFSMD was available! Unfortunately, my friends didn’t think it was as cool as I did, and “suggested” that I get something else.

    I think it’s time to get new friends… 😉

  • Mriana

    OK does anyone know what it stands for? The initials on the license plate that is.

  • Vincent

    What Would the Flying Spaghetti Monster Do.
    I’ll post this to the Beltway Atheists group to see if any of them have seen that car.

  • Mriana

    Oh ok. I got it now.

  • It stands for “pirates and beer volcanoes” in their heaven…I think. 🙂 Oh, and wenches.

  • Richard Wade


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