Did Ray Comfort Lie? October 16, 2007

Did Ray Comfort Lie?

Remember the Nightline debate between Kirk Cameron/Ray Comfort and the Rational Response Squad back in May?

Comfort invoked the Bible in the debate, which he said he wouldn’t do.

Now, he is backtracking and saying he never said he “would prove God’s existence, absolutely, scientifically, without mentioning the Bible or faith.”

Even though this original press release says:

… Ray Comfort contacted [ABC] and offered to prove God’s existence, absolutely, scientifically, without mentioning the Bible or faith.

Way of the Master Watchdog says this:

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron clearly failed to stick to the terms of the debate. They even failed to stick to their own stated position. It’s not that they’re poor debaters, it’s that they’re liars. Sleazy, slimy, manipulative, and very, very slick liars indeed.

One more thing.

There’s possible copyright infringement on the part of WotM.

Check out the video below for a full explanation of all of this:

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  • greg

    So, he lied? They admit that themselves quite a bit, I’m pretty sure. Anyway, if you watched the debate, from what I recall the Bible was never used as part of the argument, just a supplement to the presentation.

    Either way — picking on WotM for their debate skills is about as hard as making fun of a little girl.

  • Uh, yeah.

    This might be old news.
    In the debate, after Comfort quoted Scripture, Sapient responded something like, “Wow, he informed both ABC news in addition to ourselves that he wouldn’t quote the Bible to prove God, and he just did. We should probably just get up and leave, ’cause we won.”
    “…but we’ll stay in the interest of addressing their other claims.”

  • How interesting, considering Way of the Master’s favorite tactic is to corner passersby and ask them “1. Are you a sinner? 2. No? Well, have you ever lied? 3. Isn’t lying a sin?” or something to that effect.

  • Mriana

    You know, I’d love to see these two knuckleheads go up against The Bible Geek Robert Price and The Honourable Bishop John Shelby Spong. They (Ray and Kirk) wouldn’t have a chance in hell… that is if Bob and Jack felt like putting a couple fundies in their place, which they sometimes do.

    If they’d do it, it would be a debate to see: an atheist (Bob) and a non-theist (Spong) who do read the Bible v. two fundie knuckleheads (Kirk and Ray).

    Then again, it might turn out like the Creationist v. The RRS, but of course, maybe Crocaduck would just prove Genesis is “a nice myth” as Spong called in “Why Christianity Must Change or Die”. 😆

    That and it would also show just who are the REAL and HONEST theologians and it ain’t Comfort and Cameron.

  • Not only are they liars, they’re con artists too.

  • Mriana

    Frank, how did Brian lie? So he requested notes. How is that lying? Cheating maybe, but not necessarily lying.

  • don’t mind Wank, he’s had a crush on Brian and the RRS for quite some time.

    The only Frank Walton post you’ll ever need to read. [RRS Forums]

  • Siamang

    Where the hell is Kirk in that still frame? Tatooine?

    What happened to their lush forest with the beautiful lake behind them? Is this symbolic of the state of their ministry? They’ve been kicked out of Eden and now they’re wandering around in the desert?

  • Thanks for the feature, Hemant. WOTM Watchdog would like to speak with you about your appearance on the WOTM Radio show with Todd Friel.

    For those who may be interested, WOTM Watchdog is going through a complete website overhaul in order to allow for more features and functionality. We will be rolling out the new site (same URL) some time mid to late next week. With this change comes the ability for all of our readers to interact via a forum section, read our hatemail/lovemail, read team member biographies, etc.

    Thanks for the plug, Hemant. We’d like to return the favor; just hit us up with a banner or a confirmation of the site you’d like exposure on. Take care.

    –Former Follier

  • HappyNat

    Where the hell is Kirk in that still frame? Tatooine?

    This makes me smile in a geeky sort of way. 🙂

  • Thanks for the support Hemant!

    Oh…but no thanks for taking the name “Friendly Atheist”. That was going to be me!

    I guess I’ll have to settle for ‘polite atheist’…

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