Christianity is Indian! October 15, 2007

Christianity is Indian!

I was destined to go to church, wasn’t I?

(Thanks to Mriana for the link!)

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  • Maria


  • athenebelle

    ROFL!!!! I love it!!!!!

  • Mriana

    I’m glad you, enjoyed it, Hemant. And of course I’m glad everyone else too. 🙂

  • ROTFL :p

    The father reminds me of the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding–trying to explain how all words come from Greek, even kimono.

  • Oh, dear, Mr. “Everything-comes-from-India”. I love this show! I remember catching this and asking my Indian officemate what “chuddies” meant, as in one character’s catchphrase “kiss my chuddies”. She couldn’t stop giggling.

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