Christopher Hitchens vs Dinesh D’Souza October 14, 2007

Christopher Hitchens vs Dinesh D’Souza

Next Monday, the “anti-theist” author of God is Not Great will verbally duke it out with the conservative author of What’s So Great about Christianity in New York.

The King’s College will sponsor a debate between cultural critics Dinesh D’Souza and Christopher Hitchens at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, 64th Street and Central Park West at 7:30 PM. The debate will address the question, “Is Christianity the problem?”

The event is free and open to the public!

(Thanks to Ben for the link!)

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  • Christopher Hitchens vs Dinesh D’Souza

    I vote None of the above.

    Neither of them are remotely qualified to judge Christianity or anything else except self-promotion and depravity.

  • PrimateIR

    I’m only interested if its done in a thunderdome.

  • Hitchens: Christianity is a problem, but Islam is worse.

    D’Souza: Christianity is not a problem, but Islam is a problem.

    Hitchens: At least we agree on something.

  • I agree with olvlzl, I wouldn’t want either person speaking for me.

    Also, judging from the title of the event, it sounds like it might already be slightly slanted in Hitchen’s favor.

  • Siamang

    Yikes, apparantly Hitchens made quite an ass of himself at the FFRF conference.

    I agree with Mike C. If Hitchens is advocating crusades against moslems, what’s the point of atheism anyway?

    “Hey, we should be atheists, but we can still have our Holy Wars! YAY!”

    Yes, by all means, Hitch, let’s get rid of religion, but not the worst parts.. those we’ll keep.

  • I posted rough notes of the debate on my blog. I also just found out there should be a video of it here:

  • truth seeker

    I watched the debate between C. Hitchen and Dinesh D’Souza, and I understand C. Hitchen’s vehement revulsion against theism in general and Christianity and Islam in particular arguing that these religious beliefs are the primarly source of so much suffering in the world, but I don’t recall hearing his take on what a world without any religion or any “Christian” morals would look and act like. Is he suggesting that each person gets to decide his or her own moral “laws”? If this is the case, what moral standards does he suggest we use to guide our individual choices? If religious dogmas are out, what dogmas are in?
    Just looking for some answers–

  • Edwin Neugass

    I saw part of the ‘debate’ enough to gain a pretty good impression. I thought about it. I have an simplying idea that might work. Would very much like to talk to either Professor Hitchen or Dr. D’Souza at their convenience. I think Professor Hitchen would appreciate it more.

    Yours truly,


    703 793 0625
    Herndon, Va

  • Colleen

    Hitchens is saying that radical Islam is more dangerous than any other around right now, which is correct. It will not stop until we are all dead because they believe that by killing as many infidels as they can, their reward in the afterlife is great and thusly there is no other way to fight it other thant to snuf it out completely. Like a rabid dog, its better for the pack that it should be killed.

  • Colleen

    Morals were around in philosphy long before Jesus spread his message. Religion and ethics and morality are more often than not- opposing one another. I am secular and live without the need of a book to tell me to do good. Our jails are filled with Christians.

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