Why Did the Cleveland Shootings Occur? October 12, 2007

Why Did the Cleveland Shootings Occur?

According to Father Jonathan Morris, who appeared on Studio B with Shepard Smith:


… Father Morris said it had to do with atheism.

Father Morris said the kids needed to get more spirituality into their lives. He went on to say that atheism was involved. He said he wasn’t talking about shoving religion down their throats but people are naturally religious, it helps us find meaning in life.

He finished by saying we can’t let government take religion away from our kids.

Umm. Ok…

Good to have sane voices representing millions on television.

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  • Maria

    oh geesh. what a knucklehead

  • Mriana

    Um… How is government taking religion from our kid? We cannot have freedom OF religion if we do not have freedom FROM religion.

    I don’t have the details of this shooting, but I can bet, just like all the other school shootings, it had nothing to do with religion or lack there of. It seems to me that so many religious people are quick to jump and make judgements about such things, when the truth is, it was probably the by-product of some mental disorder, in which case, it might have happened even if the person was forced to go to church. Maybe more likely depending on what church s/he attended. How many deaths have been the result of superstitious religious beliefs in the past?

  • Rob Linford

    What an idiotic thing to say. Would Morris propose that we need less religion in those cases where some nut hears God’s voice and goes on a killing rampage? Doubt it.

  • Katelynn

    Since I don’t watch the local news I don’t have the full story about this article. Since it does include violence and atheism/religion I will speak to that point!

    I am a Christian woman who sees an ever widening gap between the Atheist and the Christian. With everything in life there is good and bad, but this is bad all around. I think people on both sides of the fence need to step back and take a look at exactly what’s happening here.

    Murder is wrong for any and every reason, and the thought behind the violence for both parties is wrong for every reason.

    Tolerance for people’s beliefs is quickly becoming non existant in which case both sides justify the means for violence. This is intolerable and its got to stop. People, look at what is happening… OUR CHILDREN are killing each other! These are our brothers and sisters, neices and nephews. This is so sad!

    We must, as Christian, and as Athiest, stand together to end this violence! We can make this happen. We must!

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