See It Before It Goes Away! October 12, 2007

See It Before It Goes Away!

The *official* webpage for my book is going to disappear! was the subject of a cease and desist letter from eBay to my publishers.

Goodbye site! We hardly knew ye.

(The title of the book is still safe, though.)

[tags]atheist, atheism, I Sold My Soul on eBay[/tags]

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  • What a load of shit. Your publisher should not cave on that. I hate corporate bully stupidity.

  • Aj

    Is this because they are advised to challenge everything or lose their trademarks or copyright? I’ve heard of some people selling limited use of their IP to others for $1 as a way to get around the sillyness. Is eBay insane or the law?

  • Mriana

    Wait a minute! They served you a cease and desist order? What for? I don’t get it.

  • I don’t know the details. I assume it’s because the website has the name “eBay” in it.

  • Mriana

    That’s insane!

  • You may want to consult an appropriate lawyerly type of person… Some companies issue cease and desist’s just to scare people away from using their name (like AJ said). Sometimes they have a legitimate claim, but sometimes they don’t have any at all but they send it out anyway hoping you will comply just to avoid a costly battle over the issue.

  • I agree that you (and your publisher) shouldn’t cave in. There are umbrella organizations out there (not enough of them, IMO) that specialize in standing up for the little guy against corporate bully-ism. EFF is one of them (they’re the ones handling the Sapient v. Geller case). I’m not sure if your situation is their area, but I think that’s a good place to start.

    I don’t believe it’s right to let eBay get away with this.


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