For Those Who Are Openly Atheist October 12, 2007

For Those Who Are Openly Atheist

The atheist student group at my alma mater is running a terrific project, inspired by Richard DawkinsOUT campaign.

The University of Illinois at Chicago Rationalists and Freethinkers (RAFT) want to promote the idea of going public with one’s atheism.

So if you’re able and willing, please submit your name to their master list!

Your email stays private, but your name and location will be visible.

Let’s see how large this list can grow…

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  • kat

    I added to the list, sent it on to some fellow atheists, and blogged it. Used your words, gave credit.

    Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  • Mriana

    Done. 🙂

  • Ada

    The link isn’t working. I get a big blank page with nothing but a link, and the link takes me to a “coming soon” default thing. 🙁

  • Karolis Ramanauskas

    It will work now!

    Hello, I was fixing the database and I actually moved the list to it’s own hosted space at

    If something doesn’t work, please drop us a note at: info at

  • Todd Campbell

    The new link is working now, but the visitors don’t seem to be. They apparently don’t understand that it’s about coming (or being) out. I see a few people who are just using an initial for their last name. If you’re not using your name as you would be known, then what’s the point?

  • J.S.Brown

    I signed. That sure is a short list.

  • The link is working now!

  • submit button doesn’t work, the page should also contain a little bit more of an explanation.

  • Karolis Ramanauskas

    Submit button works, 26 new people registered… I think the server is slow to respond sometimes though. The reason there is no explanation is that this is in developmental stage (started on October 11th) and I sent out emails to people I know to start signing up. We didn’t go full throttle yet 😉 Hemant’s website has a huge following, so I guess we got a better initial response than expected. I hope all of you understand the general purpose. We will put a paragraph or two summarizing the purpose in a few days, for now go ahead and tell your friends…

  • Karolis Ramanauskas

    We have just updated the website and added this paragraph:

    “The religious lobby has controlled discourse and policy for too long. As nontheists we are a minority, however we are one of the largest minorities, quite capable of setting the agenda and directing discussion on the matter. For this prospect to be realized we must stand as nontheists – we must come out all together. Come out and stand for an enlightened tomorrow today.”

  • Karolis Ramanauskas

    The Server Error keeps reappearing… We may need to move to another hosting provider… argh… sorry for any inconvenience…

  • Let us know if it does, I’ll fix my link for the other DE atheists. All both of them.

  • It would be cool if there was some code on the site that caused the current number of people listed to appear at the top of the page, and as this develops further maybe some stats about how many states and countries are represented, and percentages of populations in those places and etc.

    Great project RAFT, and thanks Hemant for letting us know about it!

  • Karolis Ramanauskas

    I agree, we’ve been a bit busy and didn’t have time to complete the site yet. I completely agree, we will add a counter, we are waiting for more people to sign up for now. Once we have the site completely set up we will publicize it more and add all the features.

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