Maybe I’ll Finally Win the Monopoly Game October 9, 2007

Maybe I’ll Finally Win the Monopoly Game

Bethany Keeley runs a wonderful website called The “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks.

A couple days ago, I asked Bethany if she received more or less religiously-themed pictures when compared to her other submissions. She said that she didn’t really see much religious content on her site.

Just a couple amusing signs here and there.

But this one from today seems to have given both of us pause:


I don’t know what it means either…

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  • Perhaps “faith” that that last big mac wasn’t made with lips and eyelids, and “blessed” for not having had a heart-attack already?

  • Also, have you seen this one? I do believe that there are good reasons to be a Christian, but I also believe that this person is probably crazy.

  • Just more evidence that global capitalism really is a religion.