Polytheist in Open Relationship with The Lord September 25, 2007

Polytheist in Open Relationship with The Lord

Thanks to The Onion.

The byline reads:

By Bonnie Nordstrum

Im In An Open Relationship With The Lord

The Onion

I’m In An Open Relationship With The Lord

With Jesus as my personal Savior, I felt like I had it all. But then we hit a rough patch, and before long, I was beginning to question both my…

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  • Mriana

    Oh bother! 🙄 What will they come up with next?

  • Vincent

    The Onion really has some amazing stuff.
    Funny thing: I’m just reading the God Delusion and this morning read the section about how religious devotion could be a misfire of our evolved need for a close sexual relationship.

  • in an open relationship

    Perhaps, but is it “Facebook Official”?

  • Rob Linford

    Now I understand why Christianity is so often a woman thing…. I had no idea Jesus was such a stud.

  • LOL that is hillarious :p

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