Last Suppers September 25, 2007

Last Suppers

Dan Savage is compiling images of Last Supper parodies:



The list just keeps getting bigger and bigger…

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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • I personally love “sausage fest”.

  • Darfasti

    I absolutely loved the Zombie one.

  • Mriana

    The second one looks like a scene that could be in the Godfather. 😆

  • Eliza

    Oh, God, the Zombie one is great.

    I wouldn’t have noticed the Last Supper composition in some of the ones Dan Savage has on his site (like the MASH one & the Marilyn Monroe one). And the knitters did not look like a Last Supper to me.

  • Susan

    What about the scene in History of the World, Part 1?

  • dj empirical

    i just tried posting this one to his comments, but his spam filter is too rigorous, even when i take the link out!

    it’s a mural done by the excellent street artist De La Vega in NYC.

  • Matt Howden

    Love the Simpsons one.