Potbellied, Hippie, Clubbing Jesus September 24, 2007

Potbellied, Hippie, Clubbing Jesus

Potbelly Jesus

Apparently, people in Brussels find that image of Jesus offensive:

Catholic bishops in Belgium have protested a TV ad depicting a pot-bellied, hippy Jesus performing miracles and picking up scantily-clad girls up in a nightclub, a church spokesman said Friday.

He’s also drinking Jack Daniels.

The ad (which you can watch here) is a promotion for Plug youth television, “the coolest thing that even Jesus, with all his powers, could hope for.”

Church representative Father Eric de Beukelaer said this:

“An advert for cheese or pate featuring gourmet priests or nuns is one thing, but to turn Jesus into a walking billboard, that crosses the line,” he said, stressing that along with tolerance must be respect for the sensitivities of believers.

“To see Jesus depicted as a good-for-nothing, backwards adolescent, that crosses the limits of respectability,” he added.

Billboard Jesus = bad. Cheese Nun = ok? Well, if you say so…


(via Mediawatchwatch)

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  • batyah harris

    Friendly, are you serious? I don’t understand what it is you don’t understand about the distinction here. There is nothing dishonorable about a nun who likes cheese, is there? But Jesus, who is “God” to Christians, is portrayed as a disgusting, fat, slovenly womanizer? Of course that is going to be offensive to Christians. It’s even offensive to me. Jesus was nothing more than a kindhearted rebel intellectual rabbi in my opinion, and I hate to see good rabbis presented in a poor light . . .

  • Richard Wade

    Yeah, the gross Jesus makes even me cringe, and people here know how much I love to make fun of things. But I don’t see any irony or whatever in the Cheese Nun. There’s no comparison.

    I’ve heard of a nun who makes cheeses.
    She does it to glorify Jesus.
    Keeps a snack in her weeds
    While she prays with her beads
    But whenever she smells it she sneezes.

  • ash

    so, is it offensive when jesus=cheese?

  • Polly

    Are you saying “Cheese Nun” is equivalent to “Tubby, Womanizing Jesus”? That they should accept the latter if they’re OK witht he former?

    If JC was a real, historical person (I don’t know) he was probably not the kind of man most on this board would want to mock.

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