Not Godless Atheists! September 24, 2007

Not Godless Atheists!

From My Confined Space:


It took me a second, but I figured it out.

It looks just like PZ.

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  • Mriana

    I don’t know why, but I feel as though that is just a sick and demented protrail of atheists. 🙁 Actually, that guy that has Godless written on him, looks like a Klan member. Now those guys call themselves Christians, yet they burn crosses and do everything that is demonic, supposedly in the name of God. If one were to change that from Godless to KKK (or some other Religious Hate group), they were be more accurate, but the Reformed Church, White Christian Soldiers, and The League of the South would sooner burn a cross in my yard for saying that. These groups fit the picture far better than any atheist.

  • batyah harris

    It could be worse. It could be “Godless Unbelieving Infidel Unsaved Atheists.”

    Always look on the bright side . . .

  • Richard Wade

    That illustration looks familiar. I don’t think it’s original for this purpose. What’s with the polluting smokestacks in the background? I thought the fundies were the ones who don’t believe in global warming. Or wait, maybe the King Kong guy is destroying all that “Christian Civilization,” polluting smokestacks and all. Go for it, big fella! I actually had a crazy church lady call me “godless” because I disagreed with her dismissal of global warming.

    I swear I’ve seen that drawing somewhere else, used differently.

  • I hope we do threaten “Christian” civilization. But they say that as though everything besides Christianity is uncivilized.

  • Mriana

    Christianity has been anything but civilized over the centuries. In Thomas Jefferson’s time, one could admit to being a Deist and be ok, but admitting to being an atheist was a little more risky. Before the Enlightenment, IF you said anything other than Christianity, you were risking death. Now Christians also ascribed to slavery and after the civil war, those like the Klan, did lynchings- about the only thing that changed was the colour and shape of the hood and who they went after. BTW, it was supposed X-ians who, along with the police if they were involved who attacked the Civil Rights people.

    This is not to mention what all they’ve done to women over the years.

    Once again, in this century, X-ians are attacking homosexuals and atheists or others. Just yesterday I pulled out my Hindu text book and this guy said in a tone that he would have started preaching if I said “yes” as he pointed to my book, “You don’t believe that stuff do you?” I don’t, but so what if I did? I told him “It’s a class I’m taking.” He said “Oh” and sat back in his seat. Jerk! Maybe I should have played with his mind and said, “Yes.” 😆

    Two people are trying to give me headaches about my lastest papers in my English class. One even came out and said, “I think it’s an opinion paper and doesn’t fit the assignment.” 🙄 The prof. did say it had to do with our speciality for one of them.

    So, they really have it all backwards in this picture, at least in this section of the country. One really does have to come out of the closet in this area, be they non-theist or even homosexual, kicking, and I haven’t even said specifically that I’m a non-theist. So, what do they expect? For one not to defend their position and go back into hiding? I’ve done nothing to them, except write about Humanism and stated in another paper of place that my bookcase is a world where Horus, Mithra, Zeus et al share a table with Jesus. 🙄

  • Michael

    Heh, I saw this a while ago, and the only response I had to it is, “Damn straight!!!”

    *I’m an godless liberal christian-civilization-threatening Atheist BTW

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