Richard Dawkins in Chicago September 23, 2007

Richard Dawkins in Chicago

For those of you who didn’t get tickets to next week’s Atheist Alliance International convention, but still want to hear Richard Dawkins speak, just hop on over to Chicago in a couple weeks.

Dawkins will be at the University of Chicago’s International House on Thursday night, October 4th to talk about The God Delusion.

More information is here.

I’m not sure if reservations are required, but the International House’s number is 773-753-2270. I called today and they said to call back tomorrow.

While you’re at it, Steven Pinker‘s at the same venue the night before promoting his book The Stuff of Thought.

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  • Mriana

    You lucky dog, Hemant! If you’re going that is, because you’ll get to meet Pinker and Dawkins. I’m jealous. 🙁 Give us a report if you do go.

  • Karen

    Pinker’s appearing at CalTech this Sunday at a Skeptics Society meeting, for anyone in the SoCal area.

  • Siamang

    Ooooooh… Hmmmm…

    *Siamang goes to the bookshelf looking for his dusty old copy of “How the Mind Works.”*

  • Ira

    So is a reservation required after all? Or can one just show up (early enough)?


  • So is a reservation required after all? Or can one just show up (early enough)?


    I would call just in case, but I’m pretty sure it’s first come, first seated.

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