Happy Lobbiversary! September 18, 2007

Happy Lobbiversary!

September 19th marks the second anniversary of Lori Lipman Brown lobbying for the Secular Coalition for America.

You can read a great recent interview with her at The Eloquent Atheist:

One of the most surprising things I found when I started this job, is that I get almost no hate mail. The one exception is when I appear on Bill O’Reilly’s show. He has told me that he gets nasty e-mail all the time to (and he assumes we all do and it’s just because we’re in the public eye). One of these days I’d like to let him know that I DON’T get this response, except from his viewers. So I think it’s the medium that foments irrational hatred. In fact, Fox News loves it when a segment leads to lots of nasty responses.

Show Lori your support by sending a birthday gift (i.e. donation) to the SCA! You’ll be helping atheists, Humanists, and freethinkers everywhere maintain a strong voice in the government.

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  • I thought it said Lobsterversary!

  • It is sometimes the custom on talk radio/television to have a few people who call in to the comment line for the purpose of “color”. Perhaps O’Really?’s show employs this technique?

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