What Was Your Most Popular Post? September 15, 2007

What Was Your Most Popular Post?

Many atheists have been blogging for weeks while others have been at it for years.

Simple question: What was the most popular posting you’ve ever made?

You can judge popularity by how many people read it, or how many people linked to it… however you’d like. Just provide the link in the comments!

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  • I’m new to this, but my most popular post was:

  • I’ve been blogging for less than a month so far, but here it is, the most popular post yet with 6 comments at the time of writing: Why yes, science can rule on whether your God exists…

  • TW

    Using Matt’s “Popularity Contest” for WordPress, the most popular post on WhyDontYou (by a massive amount of hits) is http://www.whydontyou.org.uk/blog/2007/03/30/how-to-defend-religion/. Not sure why though, as it certainly didn’t generate the most comments or backlinks (just thousands of page views).

  • Bad

    Far and away, the post that got the most hits was about the Minersville Virgin Mary, and most of that was from people searching for information on it:
    The Blessed Virgin Mary chose this garage door for great things

    Only ever got one comment from a believer though, which disappointed me. As I wrote later, skeptics are not necessarily the sort of person I want to talk to, because we probably already agree on everything.

  • My most popular post on my lowly comiblog is this one, which increased my traffic to such degrees I never thought possible. (It even trumped the links to other posts I’ve gotten from Pharyngula, amazingly.)

    What If Creationists Held Their Religion to the Same Unreasonable Standards They Set for Evolution?

    Hell, someone even apparently made a Youtube video out of the post!

  • Far and away the post with the most hits on my blog was my Sax and Violins post. 5684 hits, more than 25% of all posts so far in only 6 month. 650 in one day. But only 2 comments, and one was mine! I think it has something to do with the sex, not the violence.

    But I could be wrong. 😉

  • Jay and I set up our blog to keep in touch with one another while he is attending university in Toronto, 60 miles from where I live. Neither of us expected that anyone else would read it. So we were surprised at the attention attracted to my post about the public funding of faith-based schools in Ontario last June.Publicly Funded Faith Based Schools in Ontario?.

  • It’s hard to go through more than five years of posts — three of which were filled with manic grandiosity — and choose my most popular. When I attempted to do so by counting the comments, I discovered that the one with the most consisted of an argument between me and a Christian-know-it-all who mostly came just to have arguments with me!

    Since I started taking mood stabilizers, the number of such arguments has decreased and I put that yokel on moderated.

  • The one that keeps popping up to haunt me is:


  • The best one I could think of is this one about the Pledge of Allegiance. My blog’s pretty new, but that got a lot of traffic because I figured that Brent Rasmussen would be interested, so I sent him a link. Little did I know that he would also post that link and give me a generous intro to the community.

  • My blog is a few months young too, but far and away the most popular post was a clip involving two Australian comedians doing parody of the secret

    I think it was them trashing a car that did it. The StumbleUpon visits went through the roof!

  • Our most popular post on d-C was Simen’s Don’t Ask Me to Read Your Holy Book.

  • BTW, I blogged about Simen’s post on this blog entry. In the first 6 days, the post was viewed over 17,000 times and generated over 350 comments.


  • I recently stopped blogging after 5+ years, but it wasn’t a “professional” blog: I didn’t do all the networking stuff you’re expected to do these days. The most popular document on my site wasn’t a blog post, it was (and still is) a FAQ for a piece of musical equipment (the Akai MPC1000). Probably the most popular blog post was recent, about the UK TV show Top Gear and their trip to the “north pole”: top gear heads south.

  • TW

    Typically, since I posted the link to “How to defend religion” above, it is getting even more hits now 🙂

  • I have no idea what my most popular post was, and I’m not sure how to find out. I look at my stats regularly, but I’m not sure how useful most of the tracking tools are for identifying post popularity. I do know that the handful of posts Pharyngula links to generate the most traffic.

    I’d be very interested in learning how I might be able to track this better in the future if anybody has any ideas.

  • Superman Vs. God – A “God”-anken experiment:

    I’ve been blogging about a year now. There are many posts that I’m more proud of than this one, but this is the one that seems to be referred to most frequently. I think there must be some comic book where superman battles some god or something.

  • nowoo

    One of my comments at 10,000 Reasons to Doubt the Fish got promoted to a new posting of its own:


    That has to be my most popular posting ever.

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