Alan Keyes for President! September 15, 2007

Alan Keyes for President!

Alan Keyes is the latest Republican to jump into the presidential race. The Republicans won’t support him but you can expect them to gloat that they, too, have a minority candidate in the party.

You should support him. He makes the right wing look even crazier than usual and any Democrat who faces him will have a hands-down victory.

Can you just imagine if Keyes won the Republican primary…?

According to my game plan, Barack Obama is going all the way for the Democrats.

And then the presidential debates will look much like the Illinois Senate race from 2004:

This also now means that four Republicans don’t accept Evolution.

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  • Kat

    I suppose I’m going to have to do a little reading up on Obama. At this point all I know is that he’s black, and he bears a striking resembleance to Eddie Munster. Aside from that — beans.

    At this point I’m rooting for Edwards. He seems the best choice to me, but seeing as how we don’t even really know who our choices are yet…

    I absoluely will not vote for any candidate who doesn’t “believe” in evolution. How silly that such a thing should even come into question.

  • I hope you are right about Obama.

  • Solomon

    Does it seem to anyone else that Alan Keyes has, perhaps, not actually read the constitution? The final clause of Article VI seems relevant: “but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United State.” That video sure looks like Keyes wants Obama to pass some sort of religious test.

  • “Without my faith-shaped conscience, I have no conscience.”

    That just about sums it all up, doesn’t it?

  • Wow! What a clip! I love it…

    About a week ago I went “public” with my lack of faith. I cannot believe how different things feel now, just a week later. I wasn’t a believer, I’ve been “not a believer” for a long time. However, I still had the feeling of “I am supposed to be a believer”. I suffered under the belief that I should believe, even if I didn’t actually believe.

    Things look so completely differently from a non-believing perspective, which is what makes it so incredibly hard to communicate over that gap. You have to talk to believers from their perspective… there are people out there that do not want to believe, but feel they are supposed to. These are the people we could help out. If we know how. I’ll blog about it later this year, right now, it’s back to finishing my studies. I have two weeks left.

    Yesterday I wrote nearly 2300 words describing my journey, titled it “In Too Deep“. Sorry, this is maybe a bit of a cheap plug. This site gets good traffic though, and I suspect people are interested in this kind of story. Unfortunately less helpful stuff in that post, just a description of my journey, to explain my context. The helpful stuff will come, give me some time.

  • Claire

    “Without my faith-shaped conscience, I have no conscience.”

    That does seem to be a recurring theme, doesn’t it? So often you read of people who used to be alcoholics or drug addicts, until they found god. They often describe it as having an emptiness inside that they were trying to fill with whatever they were addicted to, until they found religion, and now they feel whole.

    I’ve also known a lot of spiritual types and seekers that seemed to have the same feeling, but in a less desperate way. My best friend in high school was one of those, and it just drove her nuts that it didn’t bother me that I didn’t know the ultimate truth of the universe, and didn’t think I needed some transcendent purpose in life.

    I wonder if that emptiness is something that’s inborn or developmental, psychological or physical, why some people have it and some just…. don’t.

    And oh, crap – does this mean I have to feel sorry for people who need religion, like it’s some sort of disability? I would so much rather just view it as a moral shortcoming.

    Double crap – I’m starting to sound like a Republican. Shoot me now…

  • Bummer. In retrospect, I’m really so far off-topic, I wish I could just delete my comment.

  • Can you just imagine if Keyes won the Republican primary…?

    How? By taking South Carolina? Orange County? The only way a black person would get the Republican nomination would be for them to have been the concubine of one of the Bush brothers, and Condi’s damaged goods.

    For Keyes a presidential run is a money making scam and nothing more. Just like his religious posturing is.

  • Darfasti

    I love it when a Creationist says that you can’t have a conscience without god, because it says so much about the person making the statement. What would he be really like if he didn’t think god was looking over his shoulder 24/7?

  • Jen

    I honestly thought that after Alan Keyes failed so badly in Illinois against Obama, he would take a hike and never try to do politics again. It was just so embaressing for everyone involved.

  • Mercredi

    “Without my faith-shaped conscience, I have no conscience.”

    I just want to know where his faith-shaped conscience was when he kicked his teenage daughter out into the streets because she wasn’t straight.

  • Thomas

    It doesn’t matter whether the candidate is black or not. If he is wrong, he is wrong whether black or not.

    Keyes has joined those who want to meddle in the affairs of other countries, muddle the ideas of which war is against whom, get in the middle of foreign wars, and think it moot it’ll actually increase the size of al Qaeda.

    I think it fit he will have to answer to the Champion of the Constitution on Constitution Day.

  • Maria

    Barack Obama for president!

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