Are These Letters Common? September 10, 2007

Are These Letters Common?

Metroblossom was the victim of proselytization.

Though he didn’t have to deal with anyone face to face.

He got a letter in the mail. From a stranger.

A handwritten letter:


It probably won’t do much good, but it gets points for creativity. I’d at least read what the letter said. That’s more than I can say for most of the church marketing mail I get…

Is this a common method of preaching to others about Christ?

Has anyone else received a letter like this?

(via Gapers Block)

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  • Strange letter. I find it odd that the letter is signed “B. Young” I wonder if that is a real name or a reference to Brigham Young, Joseph Smith’s successor.

  • Wow, a complete handwritten letter!! That represents a pretty impressive time committment.

    When I was a kid, at one point my family prepared some copies of the Book of Mormon for distribution with a photo of our family and a letter inside, which I think we all signed. We didn’t write the letter out longhand, though.

    Someday when I’m famous those copies of the BoM will be valuable collector’s items!! If anyone actually saved one instead of sending it straight to the circular file… 😉

  • David Howell

    I actually got a letter like this when I was in high school. Right before my freshman year, my family moved back to the town where my dad grew up and his parents still lived. After going to school there for a year or so (and not attending church) some brilliant mind in the youth group at the local Methodist church made the connection that my grandparents attended their church and I did not. So they bullied one of the girls from my high school (who I didn’t know at all) into writing a “we’d like you to be saved” letter inviting me to attend. Of course, I’d already abandoned all organized religion at that point, so the letter went to its proper home in the trash can.

    No impersonal letter will ever convince me of anything, because when Christians try to proselytize, they never seem to realize that I might have reasons besides ignorance for not going to their church. My non-belief was hard won, and the day I convinced myself I no longer had to worry about going to Hell for my beliefs was one of the sweetest of my life.

  • That’s pretty handwriting.

  • James

    That’s a Jehovah’s Witness tract. I was a JW for many years and remember offering this tract many times. We were encouraged to write letters of this sort from listings in the phone book or in an effort to reach a housholder in a security protected apartment building. Most of the time though, it was the older JWs or those with disabilities that could share their faith via this avenue.

  • I don’t even write to family members with a pen….in fact I think that I only ever use a pen to write myself notes or to doodle.

    As a mass marketing campaign I think that this one is doomed to failure.

  • Shana

    I got a type written letter on my car windshield in response to my ‘fish ‘n’ chips’ bumper sticker. he left his phone number and everything.

  • Oooooo. Did you keep it? Can you share it here, Shana?

  • Mriana

    I’ve gotten something similar, but I think they photocopied the letter and sent it out to many different people. I usually just throw these things in the trash without reading them.

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