Cultish Christian College September 6, 2007

Cultish Christian College

The Globe and Mail has an exposé on Grenville Christian College in Canada. It’s in several parts:

  • Christian sect with shadowy past has ‘evolved over the years’ (link)
  • Dark past behind school’s demise (link)
  • Brockville’s local paper was advised not to publish abuse allegations (link)
  • Apology for ‘hurt and pain’ at private school (link)
  • Born into abusive grip of a cult (link)

One of the articles opens like this:

Ruth Buddington was 13 when she was brought to Grenville Christian College in Brockville, Ont., as a prisoner of her cult-member parents.

It gets worse:

Ms. Buddington’s account of the next four years of her life at the school – including a story of having her face pushed against a window into the school boiler and being told that the flames she saw inside were the flames of hell she was destined for – echoes the stories told by many former students who have been posting on a website organized by Ms. Buddington and have been interviewed by The Globe and Mail.

The school stifled the efforts of students wanting to speak out publicly about the horror that was happening there.

There is a slightly happy ending to it all for Ruth:

As she neared graduation – with grades in the 80s, she said – she asked the school guidance counsellor for help in applying to college and university and was laughed at and told she wouldn’t be allowed to apply.

She put a change of clothing into a backpack and ran away two weeks after graduation. She eventually made her way back to the United States and had several troubled years, including some time spent living on the street. However, starting in 2005, she said, she pulled herself together and is now about to graduate from school to become a massage therapist.

The school shut its doors for the last time this past July.

(via Jamonation)

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  • Gadren

    Frightening that such a place could even exist in Canada! *weeps for humanity*

  • I don’t know what to say except wow. Just wow.

    I used to work in the Juvenile Justice field with a private organization (secular) that dealt with probationers and I remember hearing stories about one or two of these Christian Boot Camps where kids, who weren’t even on probation, were basically jailed and subjected to what equates to the Islamic reform camps of places like Malaysia -only with a different dogma. One of these camps was in Louisiana according to a friend that knew of it during the late 1990’s. I’ll have to dig a bit and see if I can find anything on it.

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