Atheist Saves a Life; All in a Day’s Work September 4, 2007

Atheist Saves a Life; All in a Day’s Work

ChooseDoubt saved a drowning child!

A two year old boy fell into a river. No one saw him fall in and the river itself looks more like chocolate than water with the amount of silt in it. I noticed that the boy was there one minute and when I turned back he was nowhere to be seen. I jumped in the river and luckily I found him. He’s fine =)

He adds:

For all those that would add “thank god” to that just ask yourself why the boy fell in the river in the first place and who exactly we are supposed to thank for that?

When pressed for more information, here’s what he said:

I was playing with my kids and just noticed that the boy was there and then not there and that he wasn’t anywhere else I could see either. His mother was trying to sort something out on his push chair and hadn’t noticed yet. It just seemed obvious that he’d fallen in the river so I ran over to where I’d seen him last and jumped in at the nearest spot.

About two seconds later I had hold of him and was lifting his head above the surface and a few seconds after that I had him out of the river, laying across my lap coughing out water. His mother ran over and I observed his breathing, gave him a smile and a little hug and handed him to his mother. He seemed calm enough. His mother was saying thank you. I told her she was welcome and then me and my kids went home to get ready for them to head back to their Mother’s. It all happened very fast and I was pretty much on autopilot and didn’t really think about it until a few hours later when speaking with my children about it again.

Thinking about it, all that happened to me was I got wet. The boy was very lucky that he fell in at a point where the current was slow, otherwise I very much doubt I would have had the good fortune to find him in the very murky water. I hope he doesn’t even remember the experience as it might put him off learning to swim.

Falling in was bad luck and getting rescued was good luck. I wasn’t interested or selfless. I just reacted to the lucky realisation that he must have fallen in and was lucky enough that I picked the right spot and got hold of him quickly enough.

So don’t thank God that this boy was saved.

Just thank the selfless person who was in the right place at the right time and was able to prevent a horrible accident.

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  • Humanism is a wonderful thing.

  • Mriana

    Oh yeah! It certainly is. 😀

  • Joseph R.

    It disgusts me to think that some people actually believe that a person who holds atheistic beliefs would not have done what this individual did.

  • Jonas

    Theistic or Atheistic beliefs of the good samaratin don’t matter to me.

    The good fortune that he acted does.

    Apart from getting the term ‘Good Samaritan’ from the Bible 🙂 that is.

  • Ute

    Amen. 😉 Okay, I’m kidding. Yes, I very much agree… why don’t people thank the person who deserves to be thanked? And I really like your argument… why did “God” throw the kid into the water in the first place? Maybe he was trying to make a point that atheists are awesome. LOL

  • Dominic

    ChooseDoubt: “I wasn’t interested or selfless.”
    Friendly Atheist: “Just thank the selfless person…”

    Hmm. Did I miss something?! Wasn’t the whole point of the extended story to drive home the point that he wasn’t selfless, he was just lucky?!

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