Interview Questions for Michael Estes and Pastor Deacon Fred September 3, 2007

Interview Questions for Michael Estes and Pastor Deacon Fred

As the Atheist Alliance International conference draws closer, I will be interviewing a number of the speakers/presenters for this website and elsewhere.

One interview will be conducted with Michael Estes.

Mike is a member of the Atheist Coalition of San Diego. According to his bio, “He was raised as a Baptist until age twelve when he read The Autobiography of Malcolm X and Introduction to African Civilizations by atheist John G. Jackson. That started him on a journey from religion to atheism that took over ten years to complete.”

He has also given wonderful presentations on African-American atheists in the early 20th century. It’s fascinating to find out how non-religious the black leaders were at the turn of the century when you consider how religious most are today.

Another interview will be conducted with Pastor Deacon Fred of the satirical Landover Baptist Church. According to his bio:

Pastor Deacon Fred was saved at the age of 4. He assures us all that he lived more of a sinner’s life in those four years than any other human being would ever dare.

Pastor Deacon Fred is both a pastor and a deacon. He is the head of media relations at Landover Baptist Church, and the official spokesman to the unsaved world. “I travel in and out of the sewer,” he jokes, “I don’t do it because I want to, I do it because I was called to.”

Deacon Fred holds more degrees than any other Landover Baptist Pastor. He has a degree in Applied Presupositionalism from the University of Iowa. He holds four degrees in Theology from various home Bible study programs. He also has a degree in Angelology from Southern Apallacian Biible Academy, seven honorary Doctorates in Apologetics from assorted Creation Science Research Centers, A Masters Degree in Post Umbilicism from Alabama Levitical Bible Institute, and a BA in Elementary Education from Plimpton Community College in New Jersey.

Pastor Deacon Fred is heard weekly on radio stations across the world. He is often fond of saying, “You can fry an egg on the devil’s hiney, but it ain’t never no-how gonna come out sunny-side up.

Here is a video of him speaking at the 2002 Godless Americans March on Washington:

If you have any questions for Michael Estes or Pastor Deacon Fred, please leave them in the comments!

If you have questions for other interviewees (listed below), please leave them in their respective postings:

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