There Goes My Weekend September 1, 2007

There Goes My Weekend

I was all set to have a relaxing, uneventful long weekend. Grading students’ quizzes, watching the Cubs, reading…

My best-laid plans have gone awry.

The Exterminator has challenged me to solve his latest puzzle creation. And since no puzzle will defeat me, I have to accept.

Unless you can beat me to it.

Which you won’t.

Because I’m off and running…

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  • Hemant, you’re the only person who’s batting 1.000 so far on my puzzles. If you crack this one too quickly, I may have to make them even more difficult in the future. Of course, you’d be the only one making the attempt.

    I just want to note one of the cool unsung things about the Atheosphere. We all know that we’re fellow atheists; that’s a given. But as we read one another’s blogs, we discover other interests we have in common. Who knew that I’d find four or five other godless puzzle nuts? I must admit that when I was writing this scavenger hunt, I had you and a handful of others in mind.

    Of course, I’d love it if everyone tried this one. At very least, solvers will get to visit some blogs they may not already be familiar with.

  • Well, Hemant did it again! It’s nice to have his brain on our side.

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