Create a Caption for This Image August 31, 2007

Create a Caption for This Image


If you do, you could win a prize!

Amusing entries are sought, rather than gratutitously obscene ones. The deadline for entries is September 30, so get creative now! Again, the prize is a year’s free subscription to the Freethinker.

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  • Jen

    Oh come on. That picture is totally hinting at the buttsex.

  • Eliza

    “I see the head! Just a few more pushes and that baby will be out!”

  • Eliza

    “No, no, you’re praying all wrong. Tighten those abdominal muscles – otherwise, how do you expect to get to heaven?”

  • Eliza

    “Excuse me, sir. I seem to have dropped my keys under you.”

  • ash

    “everyone helped look for the contact lens”

    “you need help to kneel when you’re paraplegic”

    “Abbaad was sick of propping up his multi-amputee brother”

  • Richard Wade


    “Dammit, Akhmed, I told you this is my spot!”

    “I really appreciate all you guys helping me find my contact lens.”

  • Richard Wade

    All but one expressed their disdain for the man in the far background.

    Preparing to jump a Humvee over 100 men.

    Atheists in the Middle East tend to stand out.

  • “Ummm…Could someone remind me of exactly what it is that we are supposed to be doing again? “

  • Keepleft

    “Get a clue, dude! If you’re the only Muslim who needs a spotter when praying towards Mecca, maybe it’s time to convert to a less strenuous religion.”

  • Karen

    Atheists in the Middle East tend to stand out.

    That’s genius! I love it. 🙂 We will not bow down!

  • “Relax Farouk … I’m a master of Islamic Tantra.”

  • James

    “You mecca me crazy”

  • James

    In the West it’s called a prostate exam. However, in the East they call it a prostrate exam

  • Apostate Ahmed forgot to bring his Harry Potter novel and was bored as his devout brother and conjoined twin Muhammad made daily prayer.

    The first thing that came to mind was “down… set… Hike!”

  • I’m surprised nobody took my idea yet:

    “RECEIVE the LORD!”

  • Nick

    “No, I said ‘IMAM’, not ‘My Mom’. Don’t talk right now, that’s perverted.”

  • Tolga K.

    Damnit Yusuf!!! Prayer is not the time to practice for your 72 virgins!

    Mohammed, not being as powerful as Jesus, accidentally spliced himself on his way down from heaven.

  • Some of these entries are great – but you won’t win any prizes unless you post them at the Freethinker website!

  • Mriana

    Oh get up! There’s nothing special here.

  • Hammad

    The good caption is that: Don’t always make fun of religious matters to get the attraction of people. Its ensure that your mind doesn’t have a good thoughts.

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