Savor It. It Doesn’t Happen Often. August 30, 2007

Savor It. It Doesn’t Happen Often.

Roberta Stewart, a Wiccan war widow, was not invited to a meeting with President Bush earlier in the week, even though he met with other families who have lost loved ones in Iraq.

Stewart told local media that she was concerned that her exclusion was an intentional snub for her leadership in an Americans United-sponsored lawsuit that forced the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to allow the Wiccan symbol of faith on government-issued grave markers.

Today, President Bush called her personally to apologize for not inviting her. He added that “he would not discriminate against someone because of their religion.”

Americans United for Separation of Church and State issued a press release commending the President for doing this:

Said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United executive director, “The president has done the right thing, and his apology to Stewart should be commended. All veterans of war, regardless of their faith, should be honored and treated with the utmost respect, especially from their commander-in-chief. We are pleased the president recognized his slight of Stewart was wrong.”

Today, during an interview on Lynn’s nationally syndicated radio program “Culture Shocks,” Stewart also commended Bush for apologizing.

“I just now got off the phone and personally spoke with President Bush,” Stewart told Lynn. “I am happy to say that he did give me his deepest condolences. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and I do have to give him kudos that he at least took the time to call, give his condolences, and apologize for the VA problem.

“He apologized for the exclusion and the error that was made and said that he admired me for my spirit and thanked me for accepting his apology and said that he hoped he would have the opportunity to someday meet me,” Stewart continued. “I was very pleased with the way the conversation went, very pleased that he did call and put this right.”

So the next time you want to bash President Bush, just pause for .00002 seconds and remember this before proceeding.

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  • Richard Wade

    Any explanation/excuse/spin/scapegoating for why her exclusion happened in the first place and who was responsible?

  • It’s sad when we’ve lowered the bar so far that Bush gets praise, commendations and positive press-releases for merely not acting like a complete bigoted asshole.

    Don’t worry. I paused.

  • Respect begets respect.

  • OK.Time’s up. On with the bashing!

  • Jen

    Isn’t the military still refusing to give Wiccans a headstone for their fallen soldiers? They have something like 30 symbols, including a humanist symbol and a rare Japanease relgious symbol, but refuse to make one for Wiccans. Wouldn’t a way to memorialize these people be a better apology?

  • Huw

    Hi Jen – the woman in question was involved in the movement to get the Wiccan headstones. They got them this year. (That was one reason some folks think she got dissed.)

  • Vincent

    every war widow in america but her got invited to the white house?

  • HappyNat

    Any explanation/excuse/spin/scapegoating for why her exclusion happened in the first place and who was responsible?

    I’m pretty sure it was the ‘terrists’ fault, or maybe the Dems in congress, or the French, anyway I’m sure it was someone who hates freedom.

  • Jen

    Thanks Huw. I remember reading about the fight last year and think it sounded stupid that they wouldn’t give them their memorials.

  • PrimateIR

    So now he’s PC AND he gets to go to heaven! What a clever maneuver.

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