We’re the Elite… Kind of August 29, 2007

We’re the Elite… Kind of

The latest issue of Wired magazine (September, 2007) has a brief list of the “World’s Lamest Social Networks” on page 52.

On that list?

The Richard Dawkins Social Network:

What It Is: A place for fans of The God Delusion‘s author to meet and greet

Who You’ll Meet: Humorless atheists

What’s Annoying: Don’t these people realize the earth is only 6,000 years old?

Humorless?! Someone seems to have the impression that atheists are constantly pissed off… absurd, I tell you! Just absurd.

(Actually, I don’t know how reporter Mathew Honan got that impression from looking at the social network’s website… if anything, it’s a haven for pictures of smiling, laughing atheists.)

And it can’t be lame… I’m on it!

Now, so are you.

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  • Wired has been slamming atheists ever since their cover story by Gary Wolf, The Church of the Non-Believers.

    I think it’s absurd for a science/tech magazine to take that position. But they’ve always taken the timid politically correct road. Don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, now. They even have a column called The Luddite where curmudgeon Tony Long bashes all things modern, especially web culture and the blogosphere. We’re debasing language and dumbing down the tone of civilized debate.

    Sitting on the fence in the name of “journalistic balance,” you see.

  • Humorless atheists… hmmm sounds like a tired stereotype.

    I think this guy went through a list of social networking sites, visited a few and applied a stereotype to the ones he didn’t visit. Plus he missed one

    What it is: A place for Mexicans to meet and greet
    Who you’ll find: Lazy Mexicans
    What’s annoying: If they can’t speak English they shouldn’t be on the internets

    Oh that’s not acceptable? How about

    What it is: Wired Magazine
    Who you’ll find: Lazy Reporters
    What’s annoying:Contains little of interest since I know all about whatever they are reporting on by the time they get it into print. But don’t worry the fresh stuff is all gated on their website.

    Oh crap, i am a humorless atheist

  • Who You’ll Meet: Humorless atheists

    What’s Annoying: Don’t these people realize the earth is only 6,000 years old?

    There’s a joke there some people aren’t going to get :(.

  • Aj

    The best comedians are atheists, nearly all good comedians are atheists (Carlin, Hicks, O’Briain, Gervais, Fry, Thomas, Black, Steel, Izzard, Cross, Allen and many more). Atheist blogs are hilarious, including this one. There’s such humour to be had at religion’s expense. The Flying Spaghetti Monster, pirates stop global warming!

    I haven’t been on the Richard Dawkins Social Network, so perhaps that’s where all the humourless atheists go. Strange, because reading the God Delusion makes it obvious that Richard has a good sense of humour. The book is dedicated to Douglas Adams. Alternatively, perhaps the author of the article at wired is an arse.

  • Hemant,

    Your picture on there looks pretty humorless.


    Tired: Wired.


    Atheism: It’s like being Wired Magazine in the 90’s.

  • Karen

    All I know is, I never laughed so much or so consistently in church society as I do in atheist circles. Not even close. We took ourselves VERY seriously in church and Sunday school. We were on a mission to convert souls and it wasn’t a laughing matter: Eternity was at stake, after all!!

  • Dan

    And it can’t be lame… I’m on it!

    ME too

  • Maria

    wow, let’s stereotype an entire website and an entire group of people. geesh…….what is it with this magazine?

  • You know, I wonder if they didn’t say “humorless atheists” just to see if the atheist community would respond harshly….

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