Catholics Flying High August 28, 2007

Catholics Flying High

Reuters reports:

… the Vatican [recently launched] the world’s first airline for Catholic pilgrims.

The Vatican aims to serve 150,000 pilgrims a year on its chartered Boeing 737, run by Italy’s Mistral Air.

Destinations range from the shrine of Fatima in Portugal to Mount Sinai in Egypt, where Moses is said to have received the 10 Commandments from God.

Of course, the in-flight movies will be religious in nature.

The best part of this story comes via Ryanair, “Europe’s biggest low-cost carrier,” which also flies pilgrims from Rome to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Here’s their statement:

“Ryanair already performs miracles that even the Pope’s boss can’t rival, by delivering pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela for the heavenly price of 10 euros.”


Nicely done, Ryanair.

Infideljoe (who submitted the link) also points out the potential irony if the plane crashes…

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  • 10 Euros!?! Now THAT is a miracle. (Or maybe a typo.)

  • Maria

    lol, 10 euros, that is good. I think this is a good thing actually-let the Vatican pay for their own pilgrims. I do see the irony if the plane crashes…….

  • Jen

    Are there really that many Catholics going on pilgramages? Maybe its more of a European thing; the closest I have ever seen is Catholics going on trips and stopping off at churches to see (whatever religious doo-hickey).

    And ten Euros isn’t a typo, it’s a really good flight.

  • infideljoe

    How much is it to fly to heaven?

  • 10Euros is what Ryan Air charges now, there’s no price given by Pope Air yet, it could cost you your soulllll 😉

  • Richard Wade

    Instead of First Class, Business Class and Economy Class will they have:

    Seraphim Class, Dominion Class and Angel Class?

    Cardinal Class, Bishop Class and Priest Class?

    Elect Class, Virtuous Class and Miserable Offender Class?

    Heaven Class, Purgatory Class and Hell Class?

    Catholic Class, Heathen Class and Atheist Class?

    Are the stewardesses pretty? Oh yeah, are the stewards pretty? Instead of soft drinks and peanuts, do you get grape juice and wafers? Do the life jackets look kind of like vestments? What’s in the pocket in front of your seat? Bibles and hymn books? Boys’ Life Magazine? Is there an altar at the front of the cabin? If you’re stacked up circling a busy airport for hours, do they offer high mass, or just run old videos of “The Flying Nun” with Sally Field? There’s probably not enough room to kneel in front of your seat. Is there a holy water font near the door of the plane? Do they make sure it’s never designated Flight 666? When you’re bumped from your flight, do they call it “transferred to a new diocese?” Is the pilot ordained? Is the co-pilot God?

  • HappyNat

    This story was too good to be true for you wasn’t it Richard? 🙂

  • Scotty B

    Naw, plane crashes happen just to test your faith. 😉

  • Richard Wade

    This story was too good to be true for you wasn’t it Richard?

    Heaven sent. Religion is the best straight man in the world. Never stops supplying good material.

  • Karen

    What’s in the pocket in front of your seat? Bibles and hymn books? Boys’ Life Magazine?

    Reminds me of Airplane!, where the kid is reading “Boy’s Life” and the nun is reading “Nun’s Life.” 🙂

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