Help the Australian Atheists! August 25, 2007

Help the Australian Atheists!

Richard at 20 Gram Soul points out how you can help the Secular Party of Australia during their upcoming elections. If you’re Australian or you know someone who is, keep reading.

As long as a certain quota of members is met, the group’s name can be used when its members run for office (instead of them having to run as independents).

So help the group out by getting Australians to fill out this form (PDF) and send it in. It’ll cost the person a stamp.

Frank Gomez of the Secular Party says this:

We currently have around 300 members and need only 200 more in order to register as a party for this year’s election. Registering the party would mean being able to use the party’s name and abbreviations in how to vote cards and ballot papers, and would increase out vote many fold.

[If you don’t register,] we need to wait another 3 years to contest as a registered party. That’s another 3 years of more religion in politics – whoever wins the election. MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!

(This article has been changed since the original posting.)

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  • Just to clarify, you need to be eligible to vote in Australia to become a member of the party (i.e. fill out and mail in the form), but if you’re not an aussie, you can still help get the message out to other aussie atheists.

    Thanks for posting this, though!

  • It doesn’t look to me like they are interested in non-Aussie folks joining. I read the post as asking us to spread the word to our Aussie readers.

  • Whoops! I think I fixed it. Thanks!

  • Thanks for that – don’t want them to receive a whole bunch of applications from overseas people and wonder what’s going on! 😉

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