For the Chicago Atheists August 21, 2007

For the Chicago Atheists

A reminder that tonight is the Wheaton Atheists Meetup. Come on out and say hello!

And if you’re not busy this Friday night, there’s a one-man comedy show by a devout-Shiite-Muslim-turned-atheist playing at Lakeshore Theater. The actor is Kumail Nanjiani and the show is called Unpronounceable. Tickets are $15 and still available.

Here’s the theater’s description of it:

The July debut of Kumail Nanjiani: Unpronounceable played to a rapt, sold-out house. Now it’s back by popular demand. Be sure to be among the lucky few to see this moving, hilarious show before it gets to Broadway and Kumail stops returning all those myspace messages personally. For those who don’t know, Kumail is a hot young comic based in Chicago who just happens to have been raised as a devout Shiite Muslim in Pakistan. While these experiences inform and color his hilarious standup act. Unpronounceable takes things a step further, spinning a hypnotic coming-of-age story, as alien in specific detail as it is emotionally universal – poignant, terrifying and wryly funny (and often all three at the same time). Almost incidentally, Kumail provides the audience with an incisive, ringside view into the religious and cultural mindset of Islam. His struggles with maintaining the beliefs and rituals of his upbringing – intensified once he begins the process of assimilation at a small town Iowa university – give insight into a cultural divide that affects every aspect of modern life. Directed by Lakeshore Theater consiglieri Paul Provenza (creator of the notorious documentary The Aristocrats), Unpronounceable is “important,” yes, but above all this is humorous and humane entertainment.

I’ll post more about the show after I see it.

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  • I wish I could come tonight Hemant! I was just in Wheaton last night for up/rooted, and I don’t have time for another trip. 🙁

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