Video of CBS Sunday Morning Atheism Segment August 20, 2007

Video of CBS Sunday Morning Atheism Segment

There was a segment about atheism on CBS this past weekend. TXatheist has posted a video of it on YouTube. Not the best quality, but definitely viewable:

(Thanks to George for the link!)

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  • Thanks for this!

  • It’s nice to see it online…it was preempted by the local channel because of an act of God (aka weather).

  • I knew I had my suspicions about Prothero and I think this confirmed them. I recently wrote a book review on my blog about his latest book “Religious Literacy”. I wasn’t impressed with the book and I was troubled by quite a few things he had to say. While he wants to present himself as someone who merely wants to teach “about” religion in schools without any of the indoctrination, I couldn’t help but get the feeling that he pines just a little too much for the good ol’ days of teaching from the Bible.

  • athenebelle

    This show (CBS Sunday Morning) I sometimes wish I could watch more of before I head off to church in the morning. It is some of most intelligent, happily artistic and best reporting that I see on a mainstream channel (PBS might not be considered “mainstream”). Good program.

  • Mriana

    It’s nice but sad. 🙁 44% don’t think much of atheists/non-theists and 53% won’t vote for an atheist. You know people really need to get to know us. What I want to know is, how in the world does on have a “very personal relationship” with something they can’t see and is supernatural? I don’t think Julia will go back to being a theist. I’d be surprised if she does, esp after going on a spiritual quest. I went on one and I don’t want to go back. WIth all I know and understand, it would be hard to back. “Many people fall out of faith when heaven shows them very little. How many fall out of faith when heaven shows them too much?” ~ Abraxas, internet radio podcast host of Coffee, Cigarettes, and Gnosis. The funny thing is, Abraxas is a Gnostic, but we think much alike on issues of heaven and hell- in that this is it and humans make earth heaven and/or hell. He likes how I think, he says. 😆 Actually, that does sort of makes sense with all we have studied about religion and the fact we have both studied Gnoticism and alike too.

    IMHO, the more you know, the less likely one will return to theism.

    BTW, Hemant, I’m taking Hinduism this semester. What little I’ve learned about has peaked my curiousity abut the stories. I even heard/read the theory that Krishna is an early story of Christ and the two names are related. I want to explore that theory, because if it is anything like Horus, Osiris, and Mithra, then that will reinforce my belief or rather lack of it that is. If not, I will be reading some very interesting stories. 😀

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