Left Behind: The Prank August 15, 2007

Left Behind: The Prank

A fan of the Left Behind series gets… umm… left behind.

Hilarity ensues.

Get it? The whole “left behind” thing is just a bunch of &*%#. None of it is real!

For some reason, I don’t think the people in the video and I are finding the same things funny here.

Oh well. Still an amusing prank.

(via Barefoot Bum)

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  • I didn’t really think this was funny. I thought it was sad that people believe this stuff so much that they could be pranked so easily.

  • Roy

    I thought that was a really cruel prank to play on a friend. No matter how silly the Left Behind series is, the poor girl didn’t deserve to be torn apart and humiliated in front of all those people.

  • Roy

    Addendum: On second thought, and after watching the video over again, I have a feeling this is a prank. The “victim” seems like she may be acting, and the whole “we’ve been left behind” is right out of the books, isn’t it? Then again, their web site looks pretty convincing.


  • That was *almost* mean.

  • Tracie

    I also think the girl was acting (and not very well either…). But what is really hysterical about this is the idea of a Christian prank show! The website shared by Rob above says the show is meant to be “wholesome programming while teaching Christian principles.” Wow. I am not at Christian, so perhaps I am just not familiar with the rulebook, but I wouldn’t think that scaring the shit out of a girl by making her believe that her friends are dead was a very ‘Christian’ thing to do. Then again, those rascally Christians are always surprising me with their strange morality (http://www.crooksandliars.com/2007/08/06/worst-excuse-ever).

  • I wish someone would prank that smug host. Because HE’S all serious and all about saving souls right now so people can go heaven… Yep, real serious, pranky dude. Oopsie, while you were setting up that prank, about 10,000 people passed away around the world…. guess you didn’t save them… oh well.

    Sorry, I don’t care for mean pranks. I also don’t care for folks with not well-substantiated supernatural beliefs who prank on other people’s slightly different not well-substantiated supernatural beliefs so they can feel more secure about themselves.

    I remember someone famous once said something about casting the first stone, but that fancy quick-cut editing made me forget who that was.

  • Way back in High School, I saw some of the “in” crowd fake a girl into thinking she belonged to their clique, then made fun of her in the cafeteria until she cried and ran from the room. That was cruel.

    This was fucking worse. Christian bastards.

    If there *is* a Hell, then there will be a special place in it for these assholes. Unfortunate that it isn’t true. jerks.

  • Aw, dammit. Just when it looked like it was going to get erotic… I should have expected that they’d all wear two layers.

  • Michael Bolton

    Watch some more of his lame pranks. Like the ‘Left Behind’ prank, they all look staged. There was probably a sign outside the coffee house saying “Filming Jesus-related prank, come back later” to prevent new customers from coming in.

  • Karen

    Wait a second … you mean people who get raptured are going to fly up into heaven NAKED!?!

    I really, really don’t remember that part of the deal … 😉 That must be the Gospel According to LaHaye and Jenkins.

  • Tammy

    This was obviously staged, the acting was way too bad for that girl to have been actually duped, and if it had really been a Christian-on-Christian punk, she would have crapped in her pants and not been able to laugh with her friends about it afterwords. If you really believe in the Rapture, then someone tricks you into thinking it’s happened and you got left behind, how could you possibly turn the other cheek? That’s beyond cruel-it would be diabolical.

  • Jen

    I think its staged too, but I thought it was a little funny. Now, assuming its real, that girl basically admitted to being a fake Christian- if she was secure in her beliefs, wouldn’t she realize it had to be a fake rapture?

    You know what would have been great? If she started helping herself to the cells and laptops “left behind”

  • Ned


    I could not stop laughing. That was the worst kind of sadism, but absolutely the funniest thing I have seen all day. My god.

    And yes, almost certainly acted.

  • Hilarious!

  • Andrew


  • PrimateIR

    You guys are thicker skinned than I am. I just keep thinking, “I’m so glad I’m not a kid anymore. God, we were assholes.”

  • This is hilarious. However, I don’t think it is real. The camera in the room is obvious not a hidden camera.


  • Maria

    looks staged to me………..but if it wasn’t, it was mean.

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