Off The Map Live August 14, 2007

Off The Map Live

My friend (and former “soul owner“) Jim Henderson has an event coming up that Christians may want to consider attending. It’s called Off The Map Live, and it takes place November 1-3 in Seattle, Washington.

Who is this event designed for?

Young thinkers, learners, practitioners of all ages of all ages, pastors looking for validation, acceptance, hope and partnership. We call this group spiritual explorers. Essentially anyone who is searching or wondering and is tired of feeling alone and/or stupid is welcome.

I know Jim well, and I know many atheists who have been pleasantly surprised after hearing him speak, even though they disagree with him. His conferences are no different. Christians learn a lot, too. Just check out comments from last year’s shindig.

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  • I love the rest of the conference description on the website:

    What would happen if we practiced dialog instead of debate?

    What if we defended relational space as passionately as we protect our beliefs?

    Take a few days off from your opinions and fears. Check your certainty at the door and join a group of fellow travelers as together we travel to new places in our spiritual thought life.

    At Hear·Listen·Connect it’s OK to be honest, share your own questions/concerns and have genuine relationship with people who are different than you.

    Here are some questions we will explore together at Hear·Listen·Connect:

    Where’s the line between acceptance and endorsement and does that even matter?

    Is it possible to have an agenda-free relationship and if so, is that OK?

    How do you have conversations with people whose viewpoints disturb you?

    What do you do when “they” move into your cultural space or you enter theirs?

    I went to the OTM conference last year and had a great time. I really hope I can make it out again this year.

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