Atheist’s Paradise August 12, 2007

Atheist’s Paradise

It references the banana argument and Get Out of Hell Free cards. So you know it must be entertaining:

The video is in response to meridianfrost’s “Atheist Gangster ghetto rap challenge.”

Would anyone like to write lyrics for “Christ Christ Baby”?

(Thanks to Beau for the link!)

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  • Probably the best parody I’ve ever seen.


  • Yo, J.C. Let’s kick it!

    Christ, Christ Baby
    Christ, Christ Baby
    Alright, stop. Genuflect and listen:
    “Christ was born of divine intervention
    Let him grab your mind real tightly
    Unthinking doctrine daily and nightly”
    Will he ever stop? Yo, I don’t know.
    Preacher talks for an hour or so.
    “Jesus Supreme walkin’ ’round in his sandals
    Tossed up the temple! Oh, what a vandal!
    Damn! He was a speaker who knew
    How to connect to the Greeks and the Jews
    Romans! They took his words too heavily
    Brought him to court and charged him with a felony
    Love him or leave him, Messiah was boss!
    Then the Jews, says Gibson, put him on a cross.”

    Folks’ heads are droppin’, yo they’re snorin’
    Check out your watch, ’cause this preacher is borin’.

    Christ, Christ Baby
    Jesus Christ, Christ Baby
    Jesus Christ, Christ Baby
    Jesus Christ, Christ Baby

    Now, on the organist’s signal
    The crowd wakes up and grabs their hymnals
    Quick to the point, to the point: they’re fakin’
    Only believe so they won’t fry like bacon
    Burn in Hell, if they question too much
    They’re all crazy, usin’ faith as a crutch
    And they sing those hymns in a dirge tempo
    And they all vote to deport the homos

    And then I gave up.

  • In case anyone hasn’t seen Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise”..

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