Maybe If Today is Opposite Day August 9, 2007

Maybe If Today is Opposite Day

Chicago Magazine came out with its 2007 “Best of Chicago” list.

The best place to see comedy? Lakeshore Theater.

(Which happens to be where I saw the Porn debate a couple nights ago, as well as opening night of Puppetry of the Penis a couple years ago. Long story on that one… one long, traumatic story.)

Anyway, here’s what they write:

Since spring—with a boost from friends like Paul Provenza, director of The Aristocrats, and Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller— [owner and artistic director, Chris] Ritter has brought to town the Broadway-bound music-and-comedy show by Taylor Negron; the religion-bashing Julia Sweeney; the liberal-loving Janeane Garofalo; and Marijuana-Logues creator Arj Barker. Having hit his stride, Ritter has even drummed up his first original commission from local up-and-comer Kumail Nanjiani. “I feel like we finally have an identity,” Ritter says, before putting the phone on hold to shoo a man peeing in the doorway.

Anything stand out to you?

The description of Julia Sweeney got to me.


If you’ve seen her show Letting Go of God, you know that she does not bash religion in it. If anything, she’s kind to religion — She talks about how she really loved her Catholic upbringing. But she became an atheist, and that’s that.

Why is atheism synonymous with religion-bashing?!

I’ll just add this to the list of petty reasons I don’t subscribe to Chicago Magazine

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  • stogoe

    Why is atheism synonymous with religion-bashing?!

    Because religion has a lot of power, and yet cannot take any criticism at all. The mere act of not buying their baloney shakes the hierarchy to the foundation.

  • Wow, calling Julia “religion-bashing” is like calling Tom Hanks “polarizing and divisive.”

  • And no one happened to mention Penn Jilette’s religion bashing? He actually does bash religion…and rightly so.

    They got it all flip-flopped… unless it’s opposite day!

  • “Why is atheism synonymous with religion-bashing?”

    I don’t think its Julia Sweeney’s atheism that is supposedly to be religion-bashing, but her work Letting Go of God, which arguably does bash religion even as it portrays religious people in a sympathetic light.

  • Maria

    Why is atheism synonymous with religion-bashing?!

    Because of some people who do bash it (Hitchens, RRS). That’s what people remember, the controversial people. There can be 100 nice people, and one controversial one, and people will remember the one controversial one and forget the others. It’s why the media shows the more controversial people on both sides. You don’t hear much about atheists who don’t bash but just want their rights respected, and you don’t hear much about decent theists who support things like separation of church and state either, you hear about the Pat Robertsons and that’s who people remember, it’s why religion has become synonomous with stupidity and bigotry and wanting to “shove beliefs down your throat”. It’s unfortunately very human to stereotype. Julia Sweeney seems okay to me, growing up Catholic myself I indentify with some of what she says. But they’re going to apply the “bash” label to her b/c it’s becoming the stereotype unfortunately…..

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