Questions for Mike Jones August 7, 2007

Questions for Mike Jones

Mike Jones, the gay male escort who met with former pastor Ted Haggard, is on tour promoting his new book I Had To Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard’s Fall.

I’ll be interviewing him tomorrow morning.

What questions would you like to ask him?

***Update: The interview is here***

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  • Did Ted ever say, “I know this is wrong, but…”

  • Logos

    What exactly did they do?

  • Calvin Moore

    I have heard you attended Haggard’s church in Colorado after news of the scandal broke. What was your experience with the Christians of that particular church? What has been your experience with Christians, in general, since you broke your silence?

  • Logos

    I think Mike has said that he himself is a Christian. Ask him what he thinks of Atheists, particularly gay atheists.

  • Richard Wade

    What exactly did they do?

    They did to each other exactly what Haggard did to his entire congregation for years.

  • 1. Does he think Ted has really been “cured” of his homosexuality?
    2. Did Ted ever talk about what kind of work he did during the “sessions”?
    3. Did he see Dawkin’s “Root of All Evil?” documentary? with the famous “don’t be arrogant” scene?
    4. Did he see the Alexandra Pelosi documentary “Friends of God” with the very ironic Ted Haggard scenes?
    5. What advice would he give to Ted now?

    Hemant, did you read the book? Is it worth reading?

  • Patti Miller

    No need to mention names, but has he had contact with other Christian leaders in the same way?

  • Wow. How’d you line this one up?

  • PrimateIR

    Is he a Theist?
    If so, does he consider himself a Christian?

  • Logos

    PrimateIR, I think he has said that he is

  • Craig

    Does he think it is ethical to be making money off this scandal by publishing a book. (Alternately, what is he doing with the proceeds from sales of the book?)

  • I really, really don’t want to know about what they did but get an MP3 of him saying “Eeewwwwww!”

  • I picked up Mike Jones’ book in the local bookstar. There was one page of introduction, where Mike was quite eloquent. The next page was basically gay porn.

    I put the book back down.

    My question would be, is there any chance we could get a version of the book where the porn was written in a different color, so that us straight guys could skim those parts without being tempted? 😉

  • Maria

    the questions “what did they do” “his experience with xtians” and “does he consider himself a theist” and “has he been with other xtian leaders” are all answered to some degree in his book. I do encourage you all to read it. I found it eye opening. I’m very impressed Hemant managed to get an interview with him! 🙂

    I would like to ask him “what is the main way your life has changed since all this? if you could name one major specific way your life has changed as a result of the whole Ted Haggard thing, what would it be?”

  • Was Ted into any kinky stuff? 😉
    Also, why do you think he was taking drugs alongside the affair? (not everyone necessarily delves into drugs when they have sex outside a marraige… I’m wondering if there was depression or something involved here)

  • Having a sister who’s gay and still a Christian, I was always interested in asking, “How do you feel knowing that the very group you so desperately claim to be a part of is so desperately trying to belittle, excommunicate and, in some cases, kill you?”

    I also like NYCatheist’s fifth question, “What would you like to say to Ted Haggart and other’s like him now?”

  • A lot of people will say that his book is just exploiting a bad situation for personal gain. But I wonder, from his perspective, is there any good that he hopes will come of his writing this book?

  • Lee

    1. What does Mike believe he has to offer society on the whole?
    2. How has exposing Ted changed his life, and, if he had it to do again, would he?
    3. Have the changes had a postive or a negative impact on his life?
    4. What is Mike’s take on religion?
    5. Why did Mike consent to being interviewed by *gasp* an atheist?
    6. Where does Mike see himself 5 years down the road? 10 years?
    7. How does Mike hope to be remembered, or does he expect to be forgotten?

  • Justin Stanley

    Did he ever ask you to come to his church?
    or did he ever try to share his ‘faith’ with you?

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