Teens 4 Christ August 5, 2007

Teens 4 Christ

Something Awful presents commentary and screenshots from Teens 4 Christ.

It’s funny because there are some Christians who actually say this stuff (or maybe that’s what makes this scary…)


It goes from page 4 through page 8.

Question for any Christian readers: When you hear other Christians say things like this (and I assume you hear it as much as the atheists do, if not more so), do you say anything in response? Or do you just shake your head and walk on…?

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  • That is a CREEPY website. Glancing through the evolution forum, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry.

  • I remember a Sunday School teacher saying something like this…I don’t remember the details but it was something about how we should pray that a particular someone would be totally miserable until they are driven to convert to Christianity. Well, if you really think they are going to hell eventually if they don’t convert, that sort of logic makes sense doesn’t it?

  • it makes me sad that there are so many people

    a) teaching ignorant/unbiblical things
    b) believing ignorant/unbiblical things

    so, i let out a big, long sigh, and say a quick prayer that someone, somewhere will help this girl explore her faith a little more…and then maybe she’ll get it. her heart’s in the right place (by that, i mean she is caring for something/someone she believes in) but…well, i’ll just stop typing now.

  • BTW, i am not sure if i am sighing more at the screenshot, or the fact the number 4 is used for the word four. ughhhhhh. i feel sick.

  • Gadren

    We at “Fundies Say The Darndest Things!,” a fundamentalist quote database, get a lot of our quotes from T4C.


  • Aj

    People who don’t sleep, die eventually. You can’t make yourself believe in bullshit, bullshit is thrust upon you, or you make errors. The Bible says believe or be eternally tortured, I guess that thought can create disonance so they think people can make themselves believe. This girl needs to start thinking, less faith, more logic, more skepticism. Then perhaps she wouldn’t believe that pathetic piece of literature.

  • I think more logic, more skepticism and more faith could make for an interesting thought process…

  • Aj

    I think more logic, more skepticism and more faith could make for an interesting thought process…

    It follows (logic) that more skepticism requires less faith. More faith and more skepticism would make for interesting thought processes, and an internal conflict that is never pretty. A skeptic doesn’t have faith.

    The more faith you have, the less skeptical you are. People are perfectly capable of doubting beliefs (skepticism) like the existance unicorns, but having beliefs of their own (faith), like the existance angels.

    No faith, no crazy Christian wishing for their cousin to die of sleep deprevation or start believing in nonsense.

  • Isn’t sleep deprivation a form of torture? Sort of thing you’d use for brain-washing?

    Just thinking.

  • Sometimes the ugliest thought processes are the ones that we need to have the most.

  • Scotty B

    Holy crap, I hope they find her cousin Dillion soon. I’m not sure that praying will help though, perhaps they should contact the police and set up a search party. If he’s not sleeping, he may become delirious and might not respond when they’re calling his name.

    Oh, wait… he’s lost. Nevermind.

  • It seems that Dillon is sensibly ignoring his fruit loop cousin…or maybe he’s just out of phone credit. Poor sod, condemned to eternal insomnia because he’d used up all his free texts for the weekend.

  • Maria

    that website is scary

  • trance

    Question for any Christian readers: When you hear other Christians say things like this (and I assume you hear it as much as the atheists do, if not more so)

    There was a time in my life growing up that I ran into people like this all the time. My own parents even used to think these things, until they got a grip on reality.

    I’ve fought with my Christian brothers and sisters (technically, speaking) over many issues, and the Teens 4 Christ website does a really great job of listing out the ugly, narrow minded and outright embarrassing things Christians are capable of saying.

    Unfortunately, as an Atheist you probably already know this – Christians don’t listen very well, and rarely change their mind. I read SA’s article, it was a good laugh, although very unnerving and embarrassing at the same time. I was tempted to create an account at Teens4Christ and get everything out in one post; but, then, they’d just ban me and delete the post.

    It’s often(not always) pointless responding to the idiotic ideas Christians have.

  • Bartlett

    Sometimes the ugliest thought processes are the ones that we need to have the most.

    What are you arguing here? I can’t see how that makes any sense at all.

  • annon

    maybe your the ignorant ones.

    instead of calling us ignorant, look at yourself.

    you think us christians “shove religion down your throat” but its mostly not true. we are excited for christ.

    so if you don’t like it, just don’t listen.

    like the thing “please pray for so and so”

    it’s obviosly for kids with jesus in their life, and if it does not protain to you, then it’s as simple not reading it.

    be tolerant of us and we’ll be tolerant of you.

    I’m praying for all of you
    and God bless.

  • NoName

    I believe you misunderstand the real meaning of ignorance. Ignorance is a state of not knowing. To know certain things is not just to have read and remember them , but to be able to evaluate them.

    Christianity and all other religions tend to take a monopoly on their truth, when the bible says something it is the indisputable truth. I always try to understand people and picture myself in their place, but I can’t help but getting scared while reading any religiously related topic.

    It just isn’t right when people get told what to do and they just do it because a 2000 year book says so. It makes sense when put in that timeframe but not today, not while we have the power to destroy a whole planet with just a simple press on a button. If with the technology we have now we must still rely on a book to keep us straight, I fear the worst. What if the book tells us to destroy …

    If children are speaking in those terms, what lies in the future? Why are they teaching creationism in schools in the US? Why must we decide in which group we put ourselves? Why if a child says something like that should we ignore it?

    Religion is dangerous, I’ve come to realise that over the years. And if things don’t change, the world will become a dark place. Annon siad:”be tolerant of us and we’ll be tolerant of you.”, that sounds awfully militant for a religion of peace.

    Ow yes and I too wanted to post on that forum, only to set things straight. But indeed the censorship of a religion is hard to break trough. Too bad though, I know for shore a few children might have come to their sences.

    I apologise for my english, I just had to answer that post.

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