Pastor Packing Heat July 28, 2007

Pastor Packing Heat

If I had to have a pastor, I guess it would be James Kilgore.

One of his parishioners left Bible study to find that his car was missing. (The irony of this did not cross anyone’s mind, apparently.)

Kilgore, who “always keeps a gun and handcuffs in his fanny pack,” took action. He and another churchgoer tracked down the car thief a few blocks away:

The pastor followed the driver until he crashed, tackled him as he crawled out of the car and then handcuffed him until police arrived on the scene.

And, of course, he thanks his law enforcement training for giving him the skills needed to apprehend the criminal…

I’m just kidding. It was all God:

Kilgore said he was glad to put his law enforcement training to use, but said it was likely God had a role in helping him restrain the suspect.

(via Globalizati)

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  • Richard Wade

    Pass the Lord and praise the ammunition!

  • Maria

    that doesn’t bug me cause he did acknowledge the law enforcement training first. glad he got the guy

  • Matthew 5:10: “and if anyone wants to sue you and take your coat, give your cloak as well;”

    Or, later in the same chapter: “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

  • monkeymind

    Globalizati: Zing!

    Richard Wade: Can you share with us what you are imbibing when you get these inspirations? Or are you spontaneously visited by Thalia, muse of comedy?

  • Richard Wade

    I consume only food, water and oxygen. Funny you should mention Thalia, I made a statue of her for the exterior of the local theatre along with Melpomene, Euterpe and Terpsichore. While I was sculpting them I entertained thoughts about the Muses favoring artists who promote and praise them, wondering if they are real. Then I had another thought: “NAW!”

  • Steelman

    Kilgore said he was glad to put his law enforcement training to use, but said it was likely God had a role in helping him restrain the suspect.

    And if Kilgore’s pursuit of the suspect had caused a multiple, rather than a single, vehicle traffic collision, which resulted in the fatalities of innocent driver(s) and passenger(s), I wonder if he would’ve said that God had simply called them home to Jesus…provided they were Christians, of course. He got lucky.

    “We don’t recommend that people try to apprehend suspects, although in this case it worked out really well,” Downs said.

    I wonder if Kilgore violated any traffic laws in his citizen’s pursuit? Don’t play cop if you’re not (still) a cop. Possibly endangering the lives of others over a 21 year old car probably wasn’t the smartest move.