Creation Museum Update July 25, 2007

Creation Museum Update

Nearly two months after its opening, the Creation Museum has had over 100,000 visitors. They expect to top 250,000 before the first year ends. They also now want to add 600 parking spaces.

I’m not denying the numbers.

I do wonder what percent of those visitors went just to see what the hype was all about, or to see firsthand how scientifically inaccurate it really was, or because they were posing as mentally challenged people.

(via Gene Bob)

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  • Mamie L Willis

    Hermant, Have you ever studied the bible as literature? The God that you deny loves you enough to allow you to reject Him and still wait for you to recognize him as God. He does not force anyone to love Him or to worship Him. He does not cause bad things to happen. So how does bad things happen. When Satan was kicked out of heaven because wanted the praises that were due God, he was given the earth to rule. He attacks man’s mind and as a result he controls the body. Because as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. If you talk to a person long enough you can tell what kind of person he or she really is. God loves you and wants a relationship with you. Because you don’t believe in Him does not make him any less real. Christianity is a way of life it is notsomething that you do. I love God and His Son Jesus Christ and yes I believe in the virgin birth, just like I believe Sara and Abraham had a son, Isaac, in their old age. I also believe that the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for forty years and their chothes and shoes lasted those forty years. It is no more a fairy tale than the big bang theory or that you descended from apes, notice I said you.. Read a bible and ask for guidance and understanding. Jesus is the only God that was crucified and rose again. The tomb is empty. Every other prophet that died is still in the grave . He was prophesied of thousand of years before His birth. Read a bible ask for understanding and God will reveal Himself to you. Because you don’t believe He exist does not make Him any less real. This quest for knowledge of God is His way of getting your attention. Keep searching and you will have an eye opening, heart warming encounter and you will never again doubt the person of God.

  • Tom

    Mamie L Willis

    Have you ever studied greek mythology as litterature? The gods that you deny loves you and wait for you to recognize them as your only gods. Zeus does not force anyone to love him or to worship him. Zeus does not cause bad things to happen. So how does bad things happen? Well this guy Hades… continue ad nauseam.

    The reason why you don’t believe in Zeus and all other gods, is the reason why we don’t believe in Yahweh. Not believing is not a matter of faith, it is a matter of having standards of knowing to avoid a state of chaos. So stop preaching, and start looking critically at your own god on the same basis as the way you look at other gods.

    Using the (manwritten) Bible to persuade others to believe what it says, is circular logic, and corresponds to me finding a piece of paper that says ” believe in Zeus because I say so”. Would you believe in Zeus if I referred to that piece of paper? I severely doubt it.

  • Maria

    how about not prosthelythzing on this board???????????

  • Maybe the problem is that the people running real science museums are reluctant to do the kind of tacky pop-culture kitsch that seems to be the heart and soul of these fundyramas. It’s like the argument I got involved in over explaining evolution to people without enough math and science to give a technical explanation. A number of scientists seem to think its below their exalted status to talk to the plebs in a language they’ll understand. As you can see the creationists don’t have any such snobbery and they are making headway in the struggle for the beliefs of an effective majority of the population. It’s a choice between your pride and the truth. What’s more important to scientists?

    I also don’t think that science is able to take on the struggle against belief that many want it to. It’s having enough trouble battling creationism and its cousins, if it makes enemies of many who can be won over to the side of evolution by telling them they are superstitious idiots (always a winning sales pitch, isn’t it?) it may as well had over the keys to the creationists now.

  • Carlos

    Maria, I think that the word is “prosletyzing.” I do agree that coming to an atheist website to try and convince someone that Christianity is right is probably not the best approach.

    There’s probably some chat room or message board where that can be done though.

  • Karen

    I do agree that coming to an atheist website to try and convince someone that Christianity is right is probably not the best approach.

    That sure doesn’t stop ’em though …


  • Jen

    I am guessing the majority are posing as handicapped. What other reason could there be?

  • Michael Bolton

    I’d go purely for shock and awe, but I’d have to sneak in the back door without paying because I couldn’t imagine supporting their misinformed venture.

  • We know how good the creation museum is with numbers. I don’t accept this figure of 100,000 attendees at all, because it’s not referenced in the Bible. See, I BELIEVE that the number of real attendees, as sent by God to this most holy of Museums is closer to 6000.

    If they can throw random numbers at things based on belief, surely we can as well…

  • Richard Wade

    richard, LOL!

  • Paul Davis

    Um, just what part of the Bible says “This is a scientific manual with a complete description of all processes used in the creation of this universe, unabriged and totally accurate”.

    I’m pretty familiar with the Bible, and I’ve yet to find that part.

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