Ellen Johnson on Paula Zahn Now (Again!) July 18, 2007

Ellen Johnson on Paula Zahn Now (Again!)

Remember the Paula Zahn debacle where she had a panel discussion about atheism on her show but didn’t bother to include an atheist? And did include Debbie Schlussel?

And then atheists complained in droves and Zahn redid the segment with a new panel that included an atheist?

She’s not making that same mistake again.

Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists, will be appearing on Paula Zahn Now to discuss “the role of religion in presidential campaigns, including the growing use of faith-based sloganeering by most of the candidates.”

The show is Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. (EST)

(via NoGodBlog)

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  • Maria

    please post it once it airs!

  • Andrew

    According to my program guide, CNN is showing Debate Countdown on Thursday (tomorrow) at 8PM. There’s not a Paula Zahn Now until Friday night at 8. CNN’s page for the show is meager, no listings of the topics to be covered.

    I’m recording them both just in case. We’ll see…

  • Mriana

    Now why won’t she include and atheist IF she wants to talk about atheism? If you want to talk about Humanism, get a Humanist. Hinduism, get a Hindu who can do. (Sorry, bad joke, but I mean no harm.) The point is, if you want to talk about a particular subject, you have to get someone who actually knows about it and can give accurate information about it. Paula Zahn makes no sense. I’ll give her some credit though, she seems to have seen the error and is trying to correct it, but we shall see after it airs. I’m a bit leery. Hopefully she doesn’t portray the atheist to invited in a bad light, but in the light they really are- if that makes sense.

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